Ladonia Herald, First Issue

herald~1Ladonia was declared independent June 2nd 1996. 15 ministers were installed. Around two hundred persons followed the celebration. That meant the start of the work in the new country.

The idea with industrial Ladonia is to produce experiences, ideas and information. Ladonia will not deal with what we can call “basic needs” as this is a minor task in the western world. One of the first problems to deal with is the concept of unemployment. There is no unemployment in Ladonia as there will be work to do and create in this country. The work done by Ladonians and by visitors and foreigners can be presented in the physical part of the country but to a large extent in the information files at internet.

I therefore ask everyone that makes a visit to this page to make a creative production in order to build up a supply of possibilities. I think it would be a good idea to meet the urgent need that we actually got; the need of quality experience, quality in ideas etc.

A concrete workfield is to present suggestions on how the country should function: What sort of constitution should be made? What laws? A suggestion from my point of view is to keep Ladonia inhabited by visiting nomades. The country itself will contain so many possibilities and experiences that a visit will be of greatest interest and new things will constantly be made. Even larger will the collection of idea tools be on the space of the net where everyone is free to bring new opinions.

Some decisions of what could be worked out will be taken by the government others will come through a voting system of the citizens. Collection of ideas and working plans will be collected and brought out through the internet news “Ladonia Herald”. I wish you all welcome in this work.

Lars Vilks, temporary regent of Ladonia

E. Nordström

Elsa Nordstrom brings an analytical perspective to her coverage of international law and global politics, and incorporates experiences from around the globe into her writing, drawing parallels and making connections that highlight the global relevance of local issues.

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