Ladonia Herald, Second Issue



* What has Happened?
* Ministers and Administrators
* Embassies
* The Flag
* The National Anthems
* War
* Mail
* Currency
* Latin
* Short Cuts
* Nobilities
* Sports
* Upcoming Election
* At The End of The Day – a word by the Minister of Health
* Project/Production

Since the day of independence the newborn country has been very successful. The number of citizens is in August around 700. Passports are continually sent out to our citizens all over the world. All citizens are nomades with the possibility to visit their home country and to keep in touch on this internet space. Thousands of tourists have visited the capital Nimis and the stone book Arx during the summer season.

Richard Ahlqvist, Minister of Defence
Birger Bergh, Minister of Latin
Emanuel T. von Bock, Minister of Health
Alfio Bonanno, Minister of Nature
Sven Erik Borglund, Minister of Financies
Margareta Granvik, Minister of Jazz
Helen Engvall, Minister of Tourism
Leif Eriksson, Minister of Pictures
Ladislaus Horatius, Minister of Sophistry
Anders Larsson, Minister of Accountancy
Anders Löwdin, Minister of Internet
Tiit Mathiesen, Minister of Brain
Svenborg Mellström, Minister of Mail
Kjell Mårtensson, Minister for Social Affairs and Environment
Erik Norman, Minister of Justice
Stellan Olsson, Minister of Film
Staffan Schmidt, Minister of Classicism
David Stansvik, Minister of Literature
Gouvernors of County Councils
Sture von Andersson, S Ladonia
Camilla Öhlin, W Ladonia


Two embassies exists so far, in Stockholm, Sweden (ambassador Ola Pehrson) and in Odense (ambassador Carsten Ohrt).


The green flag of Ladonia has been created by the swedish artist Leif Eriksson. The green color is a mixture of the blue and yellow in the swedish flag. The sophisticated version is fully green with no marks but with the conceptual addition of a proclaimed cross to be seen with a keen eye. On the official version the green cross is marked with thin white lines. Official days of the flag are June 2nd (independence day), 31st of July(birth of the capital Nimis), 3d of November (doomsday), January 3d (birth of Arx), Feb 19th (the County Council starts the struggle against Nimis), April 25th (the day when Nimis was bought by Jospeh Beuys /1984/ and after his death by Christo and Jeanne-Claude /1986/.


Ladonia has two national anthems. The first ”throw a stone for Ladonia” is composed by the norwegian composer J.L. Eriksen and is performed by throwing a stone into water, preferably calm water to let the rings sound, The second by the Minister of Health where the music describes the history of Ladonia and different moods of the citizens. [Up]

6. WAR

War will be fought on internet. Soon the strategics and war outfit will be shown on this page. The government of Ladonia strongly recommend internet war fights (if absolutely necessary) to take place here. It will save energy and environment.


The Minister of Mail has started the first routes, between the capital Nimis and the stone book Arx. Everyone who wants a letter delivered takes care of this by being the mailman, The walk (mailwalk) is marked and easy to follow. The distance is about 50 meters. The Magazine ”Nordisk filateli” has made an article on ladonian stamps. Further more stamps will be made of the Minister of Pictures, Leif Eriksson, who is a leading expert on special stamp editions in art.


The Örtug has had a tremendous success. It is probably the strongest currency in the world as the currency produced so far is immediately exchanged. It is thus a good idea to invest your money into örtug. 1 örtug is about 1 and ¾ of a dollar.


Tu regere impero populos, Ladone, memento (hae tibi erunt artes) pacisque imponere morem, parcere subictis et deballare superbos. [Up]


  • Doug Franklin sent us a protest, pointing out the existence of Ladonia in Texas, a name given in 1854. He also mentioned that there is a planet with the name Ladonia. We regret this intervention into the universe of names. We can only hope for a close and friendly collabortion with the people in Ladonia, Texas. It should be mentioned that the original name of our country is LADONIEN, Ladonia comes from the english version. We ask the Mayor Leon Hurse to get in touch with us for further discussions on the subject. Anyway, Doug Franklin has created a bridge across the world and we are very grateful for this initiative.
  • On the 4th of July the swedish navy effected a landing in Ladonia with four men. The incident was naturally taken seriously but it all came out to be a friendly visit albeit unannounced. It was a lesson and steps have been taken to uprise a ladonian navy. Our admiral will present his plans soon on this page.
  • The prime minister of Sweden, Göran Persson, has not answered our letter on the declaration of independance of Ladonia, neither the swedish king Charles XVI. We understand this as some sort of acceptance.
  • The second copy of the stone book Arx is soon printed. The work has been going on since 1993, but takes some time as Arx is a tremendous heavyweighter of 150 tons. A contribution o certain interest was made by the climber and medical doctor Franc Ciber on July 28th as he delivered a stone from the top of Matterhorn. This stone was one that had made the travel around the earth in space, collected by american astronauts when the Hubble telescope was mended. The stone was brought back to Matterhorn and thus picked up by Mr Ciber who handed it over to Arx 2. It is placed in chapter three.



The possibilities of entering the nobility class have been used by so far around 70 inhabitants. Our lords and ladies gives Ladonia a great security and support, working incessantly to keep the country in good order. The count and countess Lööf have taken initiative to develop the navy, baron Simon af Lynx is administering the new banknotes, Count von Und Zu is expanding the interest for Ladonia at his residence in Earls Court Sq in London, just to give a few examples. The House of Lords is soon to be erected on this page.


On aug 14th the first mastership in single soccer was played. The tournament was won by Tiit Mathiesen (Minister of Brain). He went through the game undefeated, however, not without a little portion of luck. Ladonia Herald congratulates the master.



The citizens of Ladonia will have an election within a few months. The delay is due to the registration of new citizens – we need some time to organize all the newcomers. This first election will concern two areas: The constitution, what order of state will run the country, monarchy, republic or what? Proposals are welcome. Political – to elect new ministers and members of Parliament.

14. AT THE END OF THE DAY– a word by the minister of health

People of All Nations! We all need to think on spiritual matters. Especially in health work. We need a choir of Healing Voices. The Healing Voices should perform interior deep songs that shoot arrows of rising stars into the twilight. Just as thick clouds may render it overcast, the spirit may be ignored by petty pompousness. The spirit is stronger than you. It is little Indian damsels dancing in the sky. The clouds should be removed by the Health Minister. [Up]


a) Projects concerning Ladonia

I. Political parties and proclamations. This project concerns the political life in Ladonia. For the coming elections there should be political parties and individuals to vote for. If you want to constitute any form of political party or declaration of opinions important to the new country you can deliver them in this project.

II. Departments Certainly we need many new departments run by competent ministers. What should not be forgotten and how should the work be done?

III. Traffic Pedestrians totally dominates the traffic in Ladonia. There are now and then a few mountain bikes. On very calm days small boats can enter the shore. How to handle this specific problem, especially when it is a fact that the whole of Ladonia is more a less a mountain side?

IV. Defence The Minister of Defence need some help to arrange the defence of Ladonia. We expect the swedes to be our main opponent. Should we join NATO?

V. Law The Minister of Justice is soon to present the laws of the country. Is it a good idea to have very few laws (most statute books are totally unreadable)? In what form should the laws be presented?


I. Unemployment
In quite a few countries this is a major problem, while the phenomena doesn’t exist in Ladonia. We ask people to start a production, basically of ideas, to show what can be done. The main problem of unemployment is concerning the very idea of what is a job. The most important work today is to produce information and experiences and to communicate. In Ladonia we add to this: quality, which means that there has to be a consciousness present in the production.

II. The Logomere
The Ministry of the Brain has focussed on the nature of a single thought. Through a stepwise reduction of complex ideas and their material substrate, the brain, the smallest indivisible parts of consciousness can be approached. This, the fundamental building block of complex thought, is called a “logomere”. Discovery of the logomere will aid in further progress of mankind. We are determined to find the logomere. A reward of 100.000 örtug can be claimed by any fellow scientist presenting the logomere to the Ministry.

III Project on projects.
Please give us ideas to develop! What sort of project would you like to introduce?

E. Nordström

Elsa Nordstrom brings an analytical perspective to her coverage of international law and global politics, and incorporates experiences from around the globe into her writing, drawing parallels and making connections that highlight the global relevance of local issues.
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