An attempt to make a Coup D’Etat

The Coup D’Etat on the 23d of September

It came as a terrible surprise 17:52 Ladonia Time, Minister and Admiral Pedro Martinez declared himself in control of everything and in total power, expelling Her Majesty the Queen, the President and Vice President and all ministers:

I Admiral Pedro,

Supported by all the military forces of Ladonia, assume and take
possesion of all the powers of the State of Ladonia.

Declare that all liberties for Ladonians are now suspendend, this

Freedom of Speech, freedom of thinking, freedom of drinking beer,
freedom of writing, of reunion of chatting of using internet of
peeing, of eating without permission.

I disolve the Cabinet and declare it illegal.

The entire Royal family should abdicate the crown in favour of ME and
must leave the country in the next 2 hours.

I remove the Remony and declare the Ladonia is renamed to the
Democratic Republic of the People of Ladonia.

From now on enayone in the DRoPoL should address to me as
Admiralisimus Excellency.

I have and assume all the Powers. I am the Boss!

All the members of the Cabinet and of the Curiabinet should be
deported to Bandaria.

I assume also the Popacy and therefore I am the chief of the Religion.

I am now the Boss and everything is forbiden!!! Understood?

Admiralisimus Pedro
President of the Democratic Republic of the People of Ladonia.

It is said that the coup was planned in the Radisson Hotel in Chelmsford Mass.

Minister and Greve Norbert reacted immediately:

I am Greve Norbert Johnson, member of the 12th Special Forces Group, do hereby proclaim the Coup D’Etat has failed, thereby restoring the government of Ladonia to its rightful status. I bring with me the 12th Special Forces Group, disbanded in the US in 1992 to operate covertly in the quest to Liberate from tyrants… our motto “de oppresso liber,” stands soundly. My acclimation to the 12th Special Forces Group was through the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Training Center, Ft Bragg, NC. You and all other participants in this treasonist act are hereby on notice that special teams have been dispatched to locate and apprehend at all costs, your followers.

The mission of the Ladonia Defense Force is to maintain an organized, trained para-military force, capable of timely and effective response to state emergencies, or, on other occasions deemed appropriate by the Royals, to provide para-military assistance to civil and military authorities in the preservation of life, property, and public safety.

LDF serves as a police agency of Ladonia.

LDF alert to protect Ladonia

Minister Lisa made this comment:

Not so fast, guys. Sit and think. (Whoa! What concept!)

And minister Taru:

Since the coup I have not been able to sleep or eat. Others say I seem to be
daydreaming, but I am sure it is not just me but all girls of Ladonia. I
have tried to read, but in vain, all that comes out of it is pages full of
pink hearts I have drawn and the name of our national hero Norbert written
in them. At last something truly romantic has happened in our Ladonia.
But then, when I go to bed and lay sleepless other images come to my
mind. There is our famous freedomfighter Admiral Pedro now probably hiding
somewhere in Ladonian jungles. Oh! So romantic! How I would like to join
But I should not tell anyone of my feelings, lest they get to know about
them. Brave men like them solve my emotional contradictions honorably in a
duel and no, no, I would not want to drive them to endanger their lives.

MINistEr, motal

I ask to be appointed as the defence lawyer for Admiral Pedro.
At this stage we demand that Admiral Pedro will be released from house
arrest on the grounds of having only fulfilled his patriotic duty when
staging a coup d’etat. After all, it is patriotic duty for all Cabinet
members of Ladonia to be innovative and original and Admiral Pedro only
showed this patriotic duty when commanding the coup. What is patriotic duty
cannot be a treason.
Of course, coup d’etats are not acts of patriotic duty as such.
Therefore, possible future coups can be treasons. However, in this
particular case, being the first one, innovativeness and originality are
evident and thanks to quick reaction on behalf of Commander Norbert this
coup posed no remarkable threat to our beloved fatherland (if there will be
a trial to come, my client will show that his military unpreparedness itself
proves that the main reason for the coup was patriotic, not unpatriotic as
some have claimed).
However, for practical reasons, my client will settle for release on
grounds of being under the influence of a psychotic episode during the coup.
Although we claim that such a statement is not fair, we do not deny that
Admiral Pedro was under influence of beer then, which could have had
influence in his capacity of judgment.

defence lawyer
MInIsTer, motar

On the 26th of September, 15:45 Ladonia Time Minister and Admiral Pedro gave up:

I Ex Admiral Pedro,

Assume the complete responsability for the attempted military Putch.

I have given the oder to all the rebelious military effectives, to witdraw to the legalist, and
to give all the weapons and surrender to Commander Norbert.

I declare failed the Military Coup.

I do not want to start a Civil War in our nation.
snip, snip.

I am proud to have placed our nation, Ladonia, in the first rank of the History, and to have
contributed to grow and embold our short history, converting Ladonia as the first Nation
of the world to have had an attempt of failed virtual Coup d’Etat.

I accept the trial and I will accept the consequences of such trial.

I humbly request the Remony to have a fair and just trial and to be assigned with a correct
and efficient deffense.

I will remain under house arrest till the jury of the trail declares me guilty or innocent.

In the mean while Commandant Norbert will assume the command of Serenity Fleet.

Ex Admiral Pedro
Under house arrest,

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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