Ladonia Soccer Championship

The yearly Ladonia Soccer Cup (“Two Touch”) was played on the 13th of August. The winning team was Minister of Health Emmanuel Bock and Ministerof Brain Tiit M. They defeated State Secretary Lars Vilks and Nimis Lawyer Ole with 6 -4.

Lawyer Ole, Minister of Brain and Minister of Health

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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  1. As Ladonian Champion 2005-2006, together with the Minister of Brain, I, Dr von Bock, am proud to announce the following:

    First: my sincere thanks to Lawyer Ole and the Secretary of State for an honest game, and then many thanks to my teammate the Minister of Brain for having scored about half of our goals (I must have scored a few as well, and IF I correctly remember, when the whole drama was pending and facing the boring draw-ball plus golden goial routine, which is always unpleasant, because of the amount of magic it takes to win when both teams fall into believing their chances become acute).

    Second: It is time to write a philosophical book, “Balderup Grounds”, or why certain kicks score and others don’t. We can skip methodological trivialities such as analysing modes of hitting the ball with left or right lower body member and other living vector forces in the field and location of the goal posts &c. and focus on a kind of feeling prior to shere magical goal scoring. There exists one strange recurrence to be noticed (all science is dependent on recurrences – being other and same) – before such magical scoring, an unusual accumulation of will occurs, you can read it from the beheviour of the scorer, somehow his mind is tight, made up, not forced, but very contained – and somehow, miraculously and increadibly, the net rattles behing your opponents. This is due to the special facets of time, not yet quite understood by many. Time passes, time lingers, the future is untouchable and drags behind – it isn’t present, but stepping into a wider present moment you can touch the future – since to actualise what is potential you do need to have some access to future events, not yet in actual form, to actualise (your magical goal) – otherwise even ordinary cause and effect would be impossible!

    So this book is going to be very revealing, and a must read. It will also be illustrated with photos of the most distinguished main players, as well as furbished with the whole history of the game, invented by myself and Our Secretary of State with some contributions my younger brothers back in the early 1970-ties. A game that is more than a game, the Balderup Grounds (named after the field where it was born, in the Balderup gardens, between fair birches and lush rhododendron, next to an exotic tulip tree).

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