Minister of Finance Mike Arman

Minister of Finance Mike Arman has come up with these suggestions for tax in Ladonia:

Taxes shall be levied on:

Driving slowly in the fast lane,

Advertising telephone calls and faxes (junk calls and junk faxes),

Postage to quadruple for advertising material,

Tax on spam, ten thousand Oertugs per spam e-mail, not paying the tax
will be a capital offense,

Tax on frowns,

Tax on ugly clothing worn by attractive people,

Tax on bad haircuts,

Tax on cigarettes (a BIG tax),

Bigger tax on cigars (a HUGE tax),

Tax on Sylvester Stallone movies (all),

Tax on wearing pants that show “plumber’s crack” (guys only),

Tax on long skirts (unless it is cold outside),

Tax on cheap beer,

Tax on polyester,

Tax on bad hairpieces,

The Minister has already withdrawn the tax for long skirts after these remarks from Minister Taru:

A thoughtful idea I support, apart for one part: tax on long skirts. My reasons are twofold:
1. Often it is sexier what you can not see but what you are made to imagine.
2. Another reason is practical (and personally experienced): Women who wear a skirt usually wears it for the whole day, and even if a short skirt would be ok at noon, it is usually too cold in evenings. (I don’t mind men wearing skirts too, but usually I recommend them to wear long ones from the beginning.) Short skirt is unpleasant sometimes when it is hot too, like when sitting on the fake leather seats or when walking in the nature (really Mike: think of a pair of thighs with all bruises and scratches from bushes, mosquito bites etc., I think this was not what you were thinking of).
Personally I only wear long skirts.

And Minister of Finance withdrew:

I bow to the personal experience of Taru, who does wear skirts, and is
thus qualified to comment on the practicality (or lack of same)
regarding short skirts and long skirts.

Having *NO* personal experience in wearing skirts, either long or short,
I recognize that the tax proposal was based entirely on three things –
1) the gender-based perspective of the Minister of Finance, 2) the
location of the Ministry of Finance, in Florida, where it never gets
“cold” (whatever that is) so long skirts are not a necessity, and 3)
again, the lack of any personal experience in the wearing of the
abovementioned garments.

This line item (tax on long skirts) is hereby permanently deleted from
the list of proposed taxes, and the Ministry of Finance wishes to extend
an official thank you for the valuable input on the subject.

There will be no tax on skirts either long nor short

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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