Pedro and the UN

Now it seems that Minister Pedro’s invasion has come to an end. But what an end! His last (?) effort was to make a stunning graffiti on the UN building, the green Ladonia dragon dominating the skyline. An impressive work of art. The bad effect could be the total war against all nations…

Pedro’s graffiti on the UN building

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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One Comment

  1. Shut your bitch-ass up, yes. You faggot-ass toy-ass pussy bitch, you probably haven’t drawn on a building with anything but chalk.

  2. i kno this sounds wierd but its true- that graf can only be seen through cell cameras… dont ask, its toy as hell but the actual graf is pretty hot.

  3. i dont kno if this shits real but the design is ill man! safe

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