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University of Ladonia

Finally the University of Ladonia is open to Ladonia citizens as well as foreigners.

The University of Ladonia

Here is information about the lecturing program:

Taru, minister, MotAr:
I am not going to lecture on the following historical and political topics:

Harald Ladonsen’s role in development of electronic washing machines (nothing to talk about)
Butterfly effect and neocon political philosophy (too much to talk about)
Pygmy elephant army and Ladonian border defence (CIL would sue me for treason if I did speak about this issue)
Inheritance of Ladonian crown concerning Queen Yvonne’s father’s illegitimate son (a topic to be left for yellow press, not to scientific research and lectures, if there even is any illegitimate son existing somewhere)
Beach party by the clone of Brad Pitt and the clone of Catherine Zeta-Jones (who cares)

Fredrik Fischer, Minister, MoTaTa
I will never, whatever happens, give a lecture on the necessity of the discipline of Political Science as we know it today. I will also never give a lecture concerning the theories of Max Popper, Emile Durcheim or Max Weber.

Prince James Hartman, Minister, EMoFS
I shall not lecture on the art of Foxhunting as a sport.
Or how hunting a fox in his wild and natural state with a large pack of hounds conducted.
I will not lecture on how or when a fox is run to ground.
Nor upon the decision to kill the fox be it humanely destroyed or otherwise.
I will not lecture upon the fox which has been handled by a terrierman if needed.
In fact, I will never express my views on any aspect of the hunt nor the people on horseback who join in the aforementioned and there roles from start to finnish!

Sir Phil, Minister
On Calculus, I will not lecture on how to solve difficult four page problems. On Algebra, I will not speak about finding the sum of A, M, E, D, or any other letter. On Geometry I will not talk about why this shape or that proves anything whatsoever. And on Statistics I won’t talk about how corporations and politicians skew the data to make their points.

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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