Viva Pedro, Viva Ladonia

Minister Pedro has, ordered by the cabinet to re-establish his status as Ladonian minister after his failed Coup D’Etat, made a surprising attack against the USA from Canada. From Toronto he has made his way using his fleet. As the report from minister Lisa in Ohio says:

“No loons as Pedro’s forces have moved south. Pidgeons, sparrows and mallards have taken over message relay duties. The fighting has been luke-warm as they moved through Drakes Mills and Meadville. Only one civilian was harmed and he suffered just a superficial burn trying to put out half a cigar someone tossed behind them. Through Oil City, Pedro’s valiant Ladonian Marines fought and bought their way to Clarion, Pennsylvania. (Mostly visiting convenience stores but that’s not important right now.). Gallant Pedro’s forces are primed to reach Route 80 and thus cross the Appalachian Moutains. (They rented trucks. Someone had an American Express card.) Once across, it’s straight on for Washington and will someone please warn the residents of the District of Columbia that it’s time to visit relatives in Philadelphia? The last thing our Royal Marines need is another New Orleans”.

Pedro’s fleet on Lake Eire; the assault will now head south toward the city of Erie in
northwest Pennsylvania!

This is very good news and for the first time the war against USA has come to a substantial battle. Not much defense from the US so far, probably taken by surprise.

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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