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If you are a Ladonia citizen or a guest, you can write down proposal or whatever you want as a comment to this post. Your comment will go directly to the State Secretary Lars Vilks.

We welcome ideas and comments!

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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  1. Good morning dear ladonian brothers, I only have to say that Dr. Robert Rodriguez Nohle want to flunk my year, I want some help brothers. I love Dr. Robert. “Un año mas de jodedera”

  2. dear state secretary, I am a ladonian citizen from a country in south america calld ECUADOR, I would like to know if there is any chat function built in in our web site, because I would like to get in touch with other ladonian citizens and brothers.

    we should have a downloading section with different kinds of music ant oter media content, as well as a section with important facts and information about the citizens of ladonia.

    perhaps what I am asking for already exist in our website and I just haven’t found it yet, anyway it has been nice talking to you brother ladonian…

    Truly your…

    Dr. Robert Rodriguez Nohle

  3. Hilsen!

    I just came across an article about your fair city on Metafilter and am offering a hand in brotherhood. I’m the mayor of a city I started myself a couple of years ago.

    Mt. Holly, MN –

    Many international cities join together in friendship by becoming sister cities. Would you care to create such a bond? Click here for a recent article about our city.

    Keep up the good work.

    Mayor Haeg

  4. Dear citizen Göran,

    Many thanks for the information about Ladinien. The similarities in the names are interesting, though Ladinien is of latin origin (Latinien) and Ladonia is of Greek (the dragon Ladon). We will discuss your proposals though we normally are looking for stronger partners like NATO.

    State secr

  5. dear Statesecretary, in the swedish states television was some days ago a program showed, cincerning food, good living and rhe autonoumnous region Ladinien.
    Perhaps have we already established diplomatic connections with the Ladinien authourities. If not apperars a friendly approach a necessaryli act.
    Ladonien and Ladinien together opens uppfor creative ideas concerning democrazy democrati, small states contionius struggle agianst imperialism, and so on.
    Ladinien does have a language ,, a rätoromandialect, does we ladonier have
    an ongoing discussion about how to use the old scania language?
    Dear statesecretary, could you please forward this as a request to tje minister of language.
    Our need of diplomatic relations, in order to increase democrazy ideas, also ideas starting from a new base, in order to develop inttegent solutions on the glocal problems, should also concern the Rondonia, a state in Brasilia. Here we have 1,3 milloin rondonianer, ruling over 240.000 km2.
    In short: Diplomatic relations with Ladinien and Rondonia.
    A democrazy approach, signalling our awareness of new hinks necessity.
    Sincerely, the arxvillager Göran Schwanbom.

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