Ladonia Embassy in Bangkok on fire

“We must accept that the global economic landscape in the new millennium is much different than in preceding decades.”

– Thaksin Shinawatra, Prime Minister of Thailand

These words also means trouble. I got this letter from the Ladonian Embassy today:

Dear Secretary Of State

Got some bad news Lars, our Embassy caught fire two weeks ago, I was out at the time.

The rebuild will start soon but many strange things happening.
My dispute with Shinawatra has had some drama. Two gunshots fired near my car about 3.00 a.m. the other night certainly demonstrated he was having a tantrum….. I warned him, if you attack someone’s love you have attacked God himself. As they would say in Shamley Green…. he will just have to Gin and Bare it….. pooh to slave drivers

I will arrange the transfer soon. What are the Bank details again?

My passport has been “stolen” so I may have to get another one. The view from the Embassy, by chance, overlooks The Embassy Of The Holy See (Benedict’s place in Bangkok).

Tonight I will be visiting Camelot seems to be full of angels none of them
look like Knights.


His Excellency
The Ladonian Ambassador
Count Erik Young
privately King Erik Of Ladonia

Ladonia will make an official note to Thai Government.

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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  1. I would risk my life at any point trying to take a bullet ment for you. I think I´am your weak soul-brother. I read everything sent from you. what a powerfull insightment. I recon you will stand tall against boundries of evil. Let´s do justice, not for all. But where it counts. You must start somewhere, why not in Thailand. Do your thing. I could be your boudyguard. Preach your human politics. I never heard of anyone, so willing to give. You have a heart from a lion. But I would be there, for shure. I know about families. Nothing else matters. So sad, But true.
    Infact. Everything you wrote could be any of my mails. You sounds like a better me.
    Yours truly.

  2. Well well well well well well well… Gordon Brown the British PM thought whatn they have been doing in Thailand was all just ONLY A JOKE they made up to annoy Mr Erik Young and his family. It was all lies everything MR YOUNG AND HIS FRIEND’S CLAIMED because Thaksin shinwatra and his mate ABH both expressely insist Mr Young and his family roots that founded world famous brands was just all lies…

    So Erik Young called up God and said “Is that you ?”
    “No.. it’s God where’s Yew?”
    “No I mean’t it is you God isn’t it”
    So where’s Satan ?”
    “How would I kno0w he isn’t going to be up here is he and where on Earth is Jesus ???”
    “That is something i am not going to worry about he wandered into the Amazon saying he was just going to have a look around..”
    “It’s about 17,000 sq kilometers… you did tell him there are Alligators in the Amazon didn’t you???”
    “Ummmm I forgot errr ohh I’m sure he’ll be oklay he’s one of the lucky guys you know…. well he was until someone said OK Cruxify Him!!! for a joke and the balsted Roman said alright if that’s what you want.,, are you sure ??? Of course he’ll become a Martyr.. hahaha
    that was before 13 became an unlucky number up till that optional choice A B or C-rucify) he looked so happy.. so what was A ? Stoning abd B soil scrapping
    Anyway Judas said to him “Don’t worry i’ve hireded a look a like for the curxifiction all you have to do is hide round the back of the cavern”
    Until when?
    Until they think he’s dead and we’ll take him away ..
    Th3e you wake up the following day afterwards and walk out from the stone shelter and say
    No no you say “I have risen”.
    And we’ll all go.. Thai is marvelous, anmd she goes well he’s not marmelade is he so what, … it’s a miracle !!!”
    Huhh typical men one of them wakes up on time and they call it a Miracle!!!”
    What his name now “Rising Son?”

    Mr Backstir/turkish about 165kgs 5ft 11inch rounded shoulders splay feet about 30 years old overweight leaning stance possiblly on stolen ID of Greek or British from cyprus but seen working on Bus near guildford and surrey area… now claims he’s injected with equivalent opf hyperdermic needle heroin into children as young as 12 years old claiming them to be diabetic so he has them doped and under his control.. he is a satanic monster where is he get him locked away before he kills more children

  3. Write in detail about the Pensions Murders of Pattaya to:
    The British Medical Association
    and while you write to the BMA please explain that Bi-Polar Dis-Order was only a joke by Great Grand Father King Frederick of denmark because he couldn’t make his mind up about where he wanted to live either in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere
    PP Erik’s Relative

  4. Can I also email there to report the brain of Erik Young missing?

  5. Please delete the lunatic rant of this mentally sick person!

  6. Erik, take those pills your doctor prescribed you, then the people harassing you will disappear!

  7. Erik, stop wasting your money in internet cafes and instead spend it at a psychologist who can help you with your mental problems.

  8. Can some corrupt Thai policeman please stop Eric from entering internet shops?

  9. Eric, go see a doctor for your psychological problems and stop spamming Wikipedia with your rants.

  10. And the Singapore Government, a most undemocratic body, aided and abetted Mr Shinawatra’s corruption through their Ministry of Finance owned Temasek Holdings PTE Ltd. Temasek is nothing more than a corrupted paper worshiping extension of The Singapore Government who helped Shinawatra wreck Thailand for personal gain. Mr Shinawatra is an extremely dangerous and untrustworthy con-man. I have no respect for The Singapore Government anymore they placed financial gain before ethics and human rights and they too should be disciplined, they don’t care about the Thai people they are solely interested in their financial wealth. Do not trust The Singapore Government they did a deal with the Devil of Thailand, the man who orchestrated the slaughter of thousands of innocent Thai men women and a few children too. The Singapore Government have blood on their hands too, Thai blood it wasn’t Singaporeans who were being murdered it was Thais. Do not deal with The Shin Corporation don’t use their mobile phone companies, don’t watch their satelite channels don’t buy their products or services and you will bring them to their knees, that is the power of the people please use it and make an example of them.
    Mr Chong/ Chongkol Srisuk Shot in front of his three-year-old daughter at home
    Ms Kamlai Kongream Shot in front of her three-year-old daughter at home
    Mr Sampan Amchuen Shot at home in front of his 5-year-old grandchild
    Mrs Daranee Tasanawadee 23 February Shot while she was 8-months pregnant
    Mrs Long Intrachan 20 February Shot while cooking in front of home
    Mr Thanee Plathong 14/15 February Shot with M-16 after returning home from police station. 2 amphetamine pills allegedly found in his pocket
    Mrs Samang Chumchon 13 February Hit by gunfire aimed at stopped vehicle of Mr Sanya Khampatan while on bicycle nearby
    Mr Seng Sae Thao (Do Nam Pieng Nam Din village head) 12 February Shot and tortured alongside vehicle near village after returning from administrative offices with three other victims
    Mr Suwan Kriengsrisakun 3/4 February Shot in front of wife with .38 gun by 4-5 men claiming to be police officers
    Mr Niphon Ngamwan 3 February Shot by shotgun from behind
    Mr Sombun (Aod) Srisuk 3 February Shot at nursery
    Mr Suwit Chaichobngam 7 February Shot behind Bannonghin School; criminal record at Khon Kaen police station
    Mrs Manee (‘Aew’) Sangthong 7 February Shot by group of perpetrators while watching TV at home
    Mrs Namkang Iamsaard 8 February Shot in front of her husband while cleaning clothes; had been arrested and accused of drug trafficking 4 times
    Mr Mongkol Chaisri 13 February Police seized property worth at least 5 million baht
    Ms Aphansri Rojchanasirirangkul (Mr Chalad’s daugther) 18 February Shot
    Mr Preecha Saechang 22 February Shot while taking care of Mr Sinchai Thaweeapiradeesunthorn in hospital
    Chakraphan Srisaard Nine years of age (boy) 25 February Shot in back seat of car as mother fled police sting operation

    Why are The (non-democratic) Singapore Government going to encourage the shooting of thousands of Chinese people for being suspected of doing things they don’t like ??? if it means they can make money ? The Singapore Government are quite definitely corrupt that is evident from their dealings with Shinawatra. For The Singapore Government were well aware of Mr Shinawatra’s ongoing campaign of murder and torture a thoroughly corrupt exercise since Thais have a right to a trial and defence all denied by Shinawatra and his mates down in Singapore. I sincerely hope the financial world breaks the back of Singapore’s corrupted Government who do not respect humans and their rights.

  11. Please will all ICANN members distribute around the Internet
    Erik Young – Founder of Registrar EASYSPACE
    The Thai Police murdered a nine year old boy but led and claimed it was an accident…..Human rights activists accused the Government of unleashing a “shoot to kill” policy and condoning the killings of suspected drug dealers. The Government in turn claimed that many of the killings resulted from dealers fighting each other. Many of those killed were civilians. For example, in February, police shot and killed a 9-year-old boy in the back seat of a car driven by his mother following the arrest of his father on drug trafficking charges. The three police involved in the shooting were arrested for intentional murder; however, the court ruled that the killing was accidental and justified. In response to criticism from national and international NGOs and other foreign governments, the Government created several official committees to investigate the killings; by year’s end, security force involvement had been acknowledged in 55 deaths during the February to April period. Of these, 39 were forwarded to prosecutors for submission to the courts, and the other 16 remained under investigation.

    Erik Young UN HRA MSA – Human Rights Ambassador
    United Nations Member State Assistant
    The link below has photos of magic mshrooms found in Thailand.
    1 Go out early in the morning with all your friends and pick about 1000 mushrooms
    2. Then take the magic mushrooms to all the food vendors that the corrupt Thai Police buy their food from.
    3. Add 500 mushrooms to a large pot of Thai stew or Tom Yam and don’t tell anything to the Thai Police about it.
    Just tell them its free you are their friend and give them extra for their colleagues.
    About one hour later go into the police station shouting “you haven’t paid your food bill” Shout as loudly as possible but remember they have murdered children so you’ve done the right thing
    When you are effected by magic mushrooms it opens an oportunity for people to teach you a lesson. Really terrify the police behave like a lunatic shouting and screaming for your money
    Well done in advance the Thai police mafia will be destroyed and everyone can be happy again

    Thousands dead as a result of Thailand’s “war on drugs”
    By Susanne Ilchmann
    9 May 2003
    Use this version to print | Send this link by email | Email the author

    Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra last week announced “victory” in a vicious, anti-drug campaign, in which police were given a licence to use “extreme measures” to stamp out the selling of methamphetamines, known locally as “yaba” or “crazy medicine”.

    This three-month reign of police terror left at least 2,274 people dead. The government and police implausibly ascribed the deaths to gangland feuding, insisting that only 42 drug suspects were shot by police officers—most of those in “self-defence”. In fact, the government openly encouraged the police to carry out extra-judicial killings so that the arbitrary goals of its “war on drugs” could be met on time.

    The Narcotics Control Board provided the indices: 1,765 people arrested as major drug dealers and another 15,244 as minor dealers. More than 280,000 “drug pushers” and “addicts” gave themselves up to authorities and were sent for rehabilitation. In all, some 15.5 million pills were confiscated and the street price for the drug doubled or trebled over the course of the three months from February 1 to April 30.

    All 75 of Thailand’s provinces reported that they had more than fulfilled their quota of reducing the number of drug dealers by 50 percent. In some cases, officials boasted of a 100 percent “success rate”—that is, all drug dealers in their province either dead or detained. Interior Minister Wan Muhammad Nor Matha claimed that 440 local officials and politicians, including two police colonels, had been dismissed because of links to drug trafficking.

    The government used a system of bribes and threats to ensure that regional governors and police chiefs carried out the campaign. Three lists were compiled: one by police; the second by local administrative organisations and village heads; and the last by the Narcotics Control Board. Officials who failed to meet their quotas faced dismissal. Those who brought in a “major drug dealer”—dead or alive—received a bounty of one million baht ($US23,600).

    But just who has been arrested or gunned down is unclear, as the allegations against those on the blacklists have not been tested in a court of law.. Those whose names appeared had no way of finding out the nature of the accusations against them. Terrified of being framed up or shot dead, thousands opted to hand themselves in and submit to a course of boot-camp style rehabilitation.

    Among those killed was a nine-year-old boy who was shot dead in late February. While undercover police were arresting his father, allegedly in a sting operation, his panic-stricken mother sped off in the family vehicle with the child on board. When police caught up with the car, the woman fled. Before opening the vehicle, the police fired into it at point-blank range killing the boy.

    Thaksin has been able to exploit public hostility to illicit drugs to boost his popularity and deflect attention from the failure of his government to address unemployment, poverty and other social problems that lie at the root of drug abuse. However, the cold-blooded killing of the nine-year old boy sparked public outrage. Since then there has been growing criticism.

    A survey conducted by the Assumption University found that 84.2 percent of Bangkok residents surveyed supported the campaign. But of those same people, 65.3 percent expressed their fear that corrupt police could frame-up innocent people. The very nature of the campaign left the door wide open for those compiling the blacklists to use them to settle personal grudges or deal with business or political opponents.

    The Human Rights Commission was contacted by a number of people who said they had been wrongly included on the blacklists. Government officials called for such complaints to be directed to drug suppression officials. But as Sunai Phasuk from Forum Asia, a human rights organisation, pointed out: “Most of them [the victims] got killed on the way back from the police office. People found their name on a blacklist, went to the police, then end up dead.”

    Growing criticisms

    The Thai media and civil rights activists have been critical of the government’s flagrant disregard for democratic rights and its threadbare justifications for the killings. “If the police weren’t involved, why hasn’t one murderer been arrested?” asked human rights lawyer Somchai Homlaor. “The only sensible conclusion is the police are sending out death squads.”

    Thepchai Yong, editor of the Nation, told the Australian TV program Dateline: “Nobody’s buying that [the government’s] line because we believe that the authorities, the police in particular, were involved in many of the killings. So if what the Interior Minister claims is true, that the killings were the result of a double crossing, or killings among drug dealers themselves, it means drug dealers are in control of the country..”

    Forum Asia said that the government was encouraging police to “simply execute alleged offenders… This makes it increasingly easy for the police and other authorities to simply do away with anyone they don’t like.” The group issued a statement in late February calling for “immediate investigations into the shootings, in which some [victims] were handcuffed when killed or shot in a group. There were at least three cases which experts were able to examine and they found that the suspects had had drugs planted on them after death, and that bullets had been removed before coroners examined the bodies.”

    Others have pointed out that the round-up or killing of large numbers of drug addicts or petty pushers will do nothing to halt drug trafficking as those who control the trade have connections in the highest quarters, including the police and military.

    Former national police chief Pol Gen Sawat Amornwiwat declared in January that “senior state officials and politicians” were “in cahoots with drug traffickers” and that a list prepared by the Drugs Enforcement Agency in 1992 included the name of a senior Thai politician. “The main obstacle is that influential people provide support for drug traffickers and make fantastic amounts of money,” he said.

    Attempts were made to silence the critics. In early March, Dr Pradit Chareonthaitawee, Thailand’s National Human Rights Commissioner, received anonymous death threats, warning him to stop taking his concerns to the United Nations. Shortly afterwards, Suranand Vejjajiva, a spokesman for the ruling Thai Rak Thai Party, threatened to impeach the commissioner for speaking to the UN about the government’s blacklists, extra-judicial killings and failure to prosecute cases involving drug-related murders.

    Opposition politicians warned that the “war on drugs” could lead to international censure over human rights violations and frighten off foreign investors. The prime minister, however, arrogantly dismissed such concerns. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights was forced to cancel a proposed visit by a special envoy, when the government refused to cooperate..

    Responding to a Senate proposal to hold an inquiry into police practices, Thaksin advised the body to ignore “the thinking of foreigners,” adding: “It is not necessary for Thailand to make any explanation to the UN. We are a sovereign country. If any country wants to cut aid because of what were are doing, frankly speaking, I don’t really care.”

    Following criticisms in the US Congress, the government reacted similarly this week to suggestions that the US might cut off financial aid and technical assistance to the Thai armed forces. Confident that he enjoys the support of Washington, Thaksin declared: “We have explained this [war on drugs] to the US ambassador and the US administration understands it very well.”

    Thaksin, one of the country’s wealthiest businessmen, has close connections to the country’s security forces. He made much of his vast fortune through monopoly rights and state contracts granted by former military regimes.

    Thaksin and his Thai Rak Thai Party won the 2001 election campaign by exploiting the widespread public hostility to the impact of the IMF restructuring agenda being implemented by his predecessor Chuan Leekpai. He campaigned on a populist program that offered handouts to rural villages and debt relief to farmers while at the same time pledging to bail out failing Thai businesses.

    But the government has no solutions to the huge social problems that afflict the lives of the majority of Thais. Through its “war on drugs,” the government is preparing for further attacks on democratic rights, which will, in the future, be directed against its political opponents.

    The government has already foreshadowed a crackdown on drug-related finances. A new law retrospective to February 1 is to be introduced to reward governors with 30 percent of the value of any drug-related assets that are seized. Another 15 percent will be set aside for successful detectives and for anyone providing tip-offs.

    The Office of Narcotics Control Board, National Police Office and Interior Ministry plan to establish a nationwide database of dealers and addicts. Provincial government will be asked to establish special investigative offices and the Anti-Money Laundering Office will be given increased powers to tap phone lines.


    THE DEATH in a hail of police bullets of the nine-year-old son of a suspected drug dealer has put Thailand’s government on the defensive over a crackdown on the illegal methamphetamine trade.

    The campaign has has resulted in 901 deaths of suspected drug dealers over the past three weeks across Thailand. A one-year-old baby was killed yesterday during a drug-related shooting in southern Songkhla province that left his mother seriously wounded.

    In Chiang Mai, near the Burmese border, an army officer was killed, the first law enforcer to die during the intensive blitz against drug traffickers since 1 February.

    Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who vowed to break up Thailand’s burgeoning speed trade by the end of April, has demanded officials arrest at least 46,000 of the traffickers named on his blacklist. But he has denied a shoot-to-kill policy underlies the scheme.

    Some 50 suspected speed dealers have been violently killed ever day for the past month, the Interior Ministry says. The minister, Wan Muhamad Nor Matha, warned that dealers “might vanish without trace”. Police statistics scaled back the official death count to 484 victims, and officials say just 22 were killed by police in self- defence. The rest of these deaths are blamed on drug gangs silencing possible informants. Bodies are found shot execution-style, each clutching a weapon in one hand and a bag of pink Yaba pills (methamphetamines) in the other.



    HRA UN MSA = Human Rights Ambassador United Nations Member State Assistant

    Up to 75% of child deaths are avoided in a World free of corruption http://www.amnesty.org

    Please visit and help some Thai children who need support with education & health/social needs at http://www.fatherjoe.org



  12. Erik Young – Human Rights Ambassador
    United Nations Member State Assistant
    The Ladonian Ambassador’s Residence
    Madgehole Lane
    Shamley Green
    Surrey GU5 0SS UK
    Phone +44-(0)7942363805
    [email protected]

    11th April 2007

    His Majesty The King of Thailand
    The Grand Palace


    Your Majesty

    I write with some suggestions to solve the illicit grugs problem in Thailand.

    Most people smoke the drug yaba because it makes them feel better,happy and more relaxed They do not consume this substance to become sleepless or crazy.

    One problem with the yaba that was in the market place a year ago is it contained very high quantities of caffeine. Caffeine in high quantities can cause a number of problems including heart damage, insomnia and irritability.

    The major problem with all illicit drugs is they are produced in make-shift condictions without the hygiene and control of a commercial pharmacutical production environment.

    A major proportion of side effects of illicit drugs is caused by contaminants and residues that have built up in the end product. In a controlled production condition these levels of contaminents would not exist and thus users do not suffer any serious side effects.

    It is possible to produce commercially a ‘safe’ version of this pill. It would produce a feel good effect without all the dangerous side effects that can cause peple insomnia and psychotic instability.

    The main constituents are Lithium, which is commonly used in anti-depressants and Ephadrine that has been used by the Chinese for over 5000 years. A limited amount of caffeine could be included by not excessive amounts as found in some of the illicit pills.

    At the moment the Thai Police arrest their victims, many fitted up in the first instance as drugs dealers when they are in fact consumers. By doing this the Police have a means to obtain payments so the victims avoid the prospect of terms of imrpisonment. In conclusion it is a simple scam to make money out of drug users and does not solve the drugs problem at all.

    However if a legallised pill was issued via pharmacy shops you will then have a quality and safely produced product free of pollutants and something that merely helps people feel more enthusiastic and happy with life. Also the Police can no longer target people to be their victims so corruption is reduced.

    It is really as simple as I have advised above to solve the major illicit drugs business and reduce corruption.

    Please consider my advice with an open mind. Some people have bodies deficient in producing enough endorphines for them to as happy as others. Life conditions and diet can influence this factor.

    I have seen many targeted by Police groups. Statements are inaccurate victims intimidated and corruption given a chance to flourish. Please close this avenue of corruption and forgive me everything stated is to serve a positive solution and respecting you have a wise and open mind.

    Yours faithfully

    Erik J Young
    Human Rights Ambassador

  13. War on drugs Thailand –

    The Thai Police Yannawa Police Station Sathorn Road Bangkok Thailand Dear Colonel What a shame I was fitted up by some of your group. The King of Thailand is now aware for the situation and is not an advocate of corruption. I have never been a drugs dealer, consumer yes, but not dealer. In any event there isn’t a single mention in God’s law within The Holy Bible forbidding the consumption of drugs. I recognise God’s law not the corrupted police and judicial service of Thailand. His law is above your law and that is part of my defence. I have taken great strides to stamp out the epidemic of corruption that has existed with Thai politics and The Thai Police. I requested His Majesty The King of Thailand considers withdrawing the use of the word ‘Royal’ by your country’s police force. Your police do not act in accordance to the wishes of His Majesty The King. You insult him with your corruption. For this crime I assume you realise you face in excess of ten years imprisonment (isn’t that what the polive gave a Swiss man for painting a poster when drunk). Your crimes against His Majesty are far far more serious than blacking a poster. The Thai Inland Revenue secured with Army military protection is going to take a detailed inspection of police officers assets against their police and any secondary incomes anticipating a number of Tax Evasion prosecutions against offending officer who are facing up to ten years in prison if found guilty. I am not an enemy of Thailand, I am a loyal devotee to this nation and its future freedom and democracy. I was fitted up and will completely destroy those who have lied. Regards Erik Young Human Rights Ambassador UN MSA HRA

  14. Erik Young – Human Rights Ambassador
    United Nations Member State Assistant c/o Madgehole Madgehole Lane Shamley Green Surrey GU5 0SS UK

    Phone +44-(0)7942363805 [email protected]

    17th April 2007

    Mr Mikhail Fridman – CEO

    The Chairman of The Board of Directors Alpha Group Consortium

    Dear Mr Fridman

    Please will you help to eradicate the corruption in Thailand’s Police.

    Thailand’s Evil Corruption Frenzy

    A letter to the Editor of The Bangkok Post

    Dear Khun Kowit

    As you know I am the ‘Charismatic Personality’ that positively caused the demise of your ex-Prime Minister Khun Thaksin Shinawatra.

    I have been fitted up by the Thai Police some time ago as a drugs dealer. In my case they claimed to find twelve pink pills and two halves one pink and one green on me when they allegedly searched me. I was never searched the Thai police were unimitigating liars involved with Shinwatra and his TRT-Scientologists who used Satanism to terrorise people. A very very evil campaign against me by Shinawatra/TRT mafia causing the death of many people in Thailand.

    I am determined to crush the corruption within the Thai Police from the top level of Generals down. I am campaigning to the top 1000 most powerful and influential people around the world to support my operation by leveraging offshore banks across the world and stock exchanges to expose any funds they conceal in third party names for corrupt politicians, policemen and businessmen in Thailand. The list includes Nobel in Sweden, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, most of the world’s major charities, richest people, as well as leaders and ambassadors (5860 of them), all the world’s Law Societys’ and most of the financial regulatory institutes as well as the world travel industry to ensure Thailand will be flushed free of corruption as quickly as is practical and possible.

    The life of a child is a very powerful leverage tool. Many children die due to outcome of corruption. The world banks and stock markets do not approve of corruption and don’t want to handle funds that aided and abetted the deaths of children. Thailand is a member of The United Nations and should comply with The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The Treaty of Rome. Thailand has breached over ten of the articles in these documents. Please don’t let them continue insist one the arrest of the Thai Police Generals and Politicians responsible for the slaughter of thousands of innocent people in Thailand. read the link below, thank you.

    I promise to eradicate the majority of corruption in Thailand far sooner than most anticipate.

    I enclose my letter to His Majesty The King of Thailand. Please will you ensure he receives this since there are parties who have interfered with my passing of documents to his military aides in recent months in Bangkok, in particular members of Temasek Holdings PTE Ltd with whom he has substantial interests.


    Erik Young Human Rights Ambassador

    United Nations Member State Assistant

    How “The ‘Royal’ (?) Thai Police” fit up their victims as drugs dealers

    Case Study March 2007

    In the back of the side Soi Pipat of Silom Road live a community of people who have few means to earn a living. They were deprived of the chance to have been through a university education due to corruption in their recent government and have limited and irregular means of income.

    Within lives a girl of twenty years old, she is six months pregnant and her Thai boyfriend can hardly support himself let alone a partner.

    The Police have obtained her phone number, she shares her phone with the boyfriend they cannot afford two phones. She receives a call from a young Thai man asking her if she knows where he can buy some pink pills. She says he should call Noowt but the young man says he wants to buy twenty pink pills and could she help him. She is desperate for money, she has only thirty baht in her pocket and nothing to sell apart from the phone, which is worth about 200 baht.

    The Thai man says to he’ll pay her 100 baht for picking up some pills for him, she isn’t keen to do this especially as she does not know the man very well. She says she’ll think about it and let him know.

    Within ten minutes of the phone call from Thai man she gets a call from a man who says he is a friend of Noowt and wants to sell twenty five pink pills quickly. They normally cost 200 baht and he offers her the pills for 150 baht if she takes the twenty five and he must know now because someone else is trying to call his phone number. She says hesitantly she will buy them because someone has asked her just a few minutes ago for twenty pills and they end their phone call, with her agreeing to call the seller back in a few minutes. An SMS message arrives from the buyer …. Any news I really want more but can only afford twenty now if you can supply at 250 baht, they are for a man who is visiting from Japan.

    So she asks if he can make it twenty five pills and he can have them for two hundred baht each, they agree the deal and she’s out of her cash crisis. The buyer comes to meet her five minutes away from her room just near one of the Police station’s and gives her the cash. She says she’ll be back in twenty minutes and returns thirty minutes later. As she is handing the sealed Macdonald’s drinking straws as wrappers with the pills packed inside the Police bash on the door which isn’t locked securely. It bounces open and she is taken away for questioning to the local Police station. They want twenty thousand baht to let her off being charged or she has to work for the Police to catch drug dealers. There is little choice at six months pregnant where can she get twenty thousand baht to pay off the Police she’ll have to work for them. They don’t seem to consider the dangers to a pregnant girl if something went wrong and the all too common violence e starts. One punch in the tummy and that baby could die.

    They call it a “Sting” but it is a deadly punch in the stomach they are placing on risk with her . It could kill an unborn baby. That is “The Final Solution” of The ‘Royal’ ? Thai Police. I know about some horrific stories concerning the Thai police and their demands upon young girls including sexual favours. The Thai police are implicated and party to “fitting-up” people in order to make financial gain.

    I have evidence that the Thai Police were accessing the bank accounts of foreigners in Thailand to assess their amount of savings they kept on account. Following this they were fitting up individuals that knew the foreigner and then making demands for money, or they would charge the victim they arrested who would be facing years in prison. There is nothing Royal about this type of practice and the Thai Police demonstrate their lack of respect for His Majesty The King of Thailand.

    Please investigate the activities of a group calling themselves scientologists who have been involved with Mr Shinawatra-TRT-Police. Author:

    Human Rights Ambassador – United Nations MSA

    Erik Young (John Erik Clive Young)

    I know no diplomacy save that of the truth

    The word ‘ROYAL’ should be respected by the Thai Police and they should not be involved in corrupt practices under any circumstances. I am copying this document to His Majesty The King of Thailand requesting he withdraws the use of the word ROYAL until the Police practice their profession ethically and honestly.

    Dear Khun Puttri

    I have written to General Sonti and The Royal Thai Army requesting an investigation be carried out into the situation concerning the corrupt scam of the Thai Police to steal milions of baht of my assets and money.

    This has also been posted on The Royal Thai Army web site at http://www.rta.mi.th/DB/eak/Webboard/aspboard_Question.asp?GID=3349

    Yannawa Police fitted me up as a drugs dealer. I have never been a drugs dealer. Three and a half years ago I was informed how the Police planned to place a package underneath the washing machine in the laundry room of my apartment. They would then raid the property and charge me as a drugs dealer. They were aware that I have substantial wealth and thougt if they placed me in a position of facing years in prison they could demand between 10 million and 70 million baht from me so I would avoid being sent to prison for years.
    I now represent Human Rights issues as a member and assistant to The United Nations.
    The Yannawa Police recently fitted me up in Thailand. They have been thoroughly dishonest and have stolen millions of baht of my assets and destroyed my relations with my girlfriend claiming to her that I am a paedophile in order to turn her against me. I want these Policemen together with others arrested and imprisoned for their thoroughly evil crimes. They are unmitigating liars who destroyed my marriage to my wife netnapa and then proceeded in ruining my life and the lives of others around me. They falsely labelled me a drugs dealer and a paedophile. Please investigate the officers at Yannawa Police Station and Suan Plu Police. It is their dishonest activities that are ruining the reputation of the Thai nation. The King of Thailand is aware of some of the crimes against me. I was robbed over 400 times in three years by their agents
    Erik Young – Human Rights Ambassador
    United Nations Member State Assistant

    HRA UN MSA = Human Rights Ambassador United Nations Member State Assistant

    Up to 75% of child deaths are avoided in a World free of corruption http://www.amnesty.org

    Please visit and help some Thai children who need support with education & health/social needs at http://www.fatherjoe.org



  15. Please will you pass this information to the office your colleague Vice Premier Wu Yi. .
    Erik Young Human Rights Ambassador
    United Nations Member State Assistant

    How “The ‘Royal’ (?) Thai Police” fit up their victims as drugs dealers

    Case Study March 2007

    In the back of the side Soi Pipat of Silom Road live a community of people who have few means to earn a living. They were deprived of the chance to have been a university education due to corruption in their recent government and have limited and irregular means of income.

    Within lives a girl of twenty years old, she is six months pregnant and her Thai boyfriend can hardly support himself let alone a partner.

    The Police have obtained her phone number, she shares her phone with the boyfriend they cannot afford two phones. She receives a call from a young Thai man asking her if she knows where he can buy some pink pills. She says he should call Noowt but the young man says he wants to buy twenty pink pills and could she help him. She is desperate for money, she has only thirty baht in her pocket and nothing to sell apart from the phone, which is worth about 200 baht.

    The Thai man says to he he’ll pay her 100 baht for picking up some pills for him, she isn’t keen to do this especially as she does not know the man very well. She says she’ll think about it and let him know.

    Within ten minutes of the phone call from Thai man she gets a call froma man who says he is a friend of Noowt and wants to sell twenty five pink pills quickly. They normally cost 200 baht and he offers her the pills for 150 baht if she takes the twenty five and he must know now because someone else is trying to call his phone number. She says hesitantly she will buy them because someone has asked her just a few minutes ago for twenty pills and they end their phone call, with her agreeing to call the seler back in a few minutes. An SMS message arrives from the buyer …. Any news I really want more but can only afford twenty now if you can supply at 250 baht, they are for a man who is visiting from Japan.

    So she asks if he can make it twenty five pills and he can have them for two hundred baht each, they agree the deal and she’s out of her cash crisis. The buyer comes to meet her five minutes away from her room just near one of the Police station’s and gives her the cash. She says she’ll be back in twenty minutes and returns thirty minutes later. As she is handing the sealed Macdonalds drinking straws as wrappers with the pills packed inside the Police bash on the door which isn’t locked securely it bounces open and she is taken away for questioning to the local Police station. They want twenty thousand baht to let her off being charged or she has to work for the Police to catch drug dealers. There is little choice at six months pregnant where can she get twenty thousand baht to pay off the Police she’ll have to work for them. They don’t seem to consider the dangers to a pregnant girl if something went wrong and the all too common violence starts. One punch in the tummy and that baby could die.

    They call it a “Sting” but it is a deadly punch in the stomach they are placing on risk with her . It could kill an unborn baby. That is “The Final Solution” of The ‘Royal’ ? Thai Police


    Human Rights Ambassador – United Nations Delegate

    Erik Young (John Erik Clive Young)

    I know no diplomacy save that of the truth

    The word ‘ROYAL’ should be respected by the Thai Police and they should not be involved in corrupt practices under any circumstances. I am copying this document to His Majesty The King of Thailand requesting he withdraws the use of the word ROYAL until the Police practice their profession ethically and honestly.

    Up to 75% of child deaths are avoided in a World free of corruption http://www.amnesty.org

    Please visit and help some Thai children who need support with education & health/social needs at http://www.fatherjoe.org


  16. Diplomatic immunity is a principle of international law by which certain foreign government officials are not subject to the jurisdiction of local courts and other authorities. The concept of immunity began with ancient tribes. In order to exchange information, messengers were allowed to travel from tribe to tribe without fear of harm. They were protected even when they brought bad news. Today, immunity protects the channels of diplomatic communication by exempting diplomats from local jurisdiction so that they can perform their duties with freedom, independence, and security. Diplomatic immunity is not meant to benefit individuals personally; it is meant to ensure that foreign officials can do their jobs. Under the concept of reciprocity, diplomats assigned to any country in the world benefit equally from diplomatic immunity.
    The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963 codified most modern diplomatic and consular practices, including diplomatic immunity. More than 160 nations are parties to these treaties. The conventions provide immunity to persons according to their rank in a diplomatic mission or consular post and according to the need for immunity in performing their duties. For example, diplomatic agents and members of their immediate families are immune from all criminal prosecution and most civil law suits. Administrative and technical staff members of embassies have a lower level of immunity. Consular officers serving in consulates throughout the country have an even lower level of immunity. Members of an embassy’s service staff and consular employees are immune only for acts performed as part of their official duties
    It is true that diplomats are exempt from the criminal, civil and administrative jurisdiction of the host country. However, this exemption may be waived by their home country. Moreover, the immunity of a diplomat from the jurisdiction of the host country does not exempt him/her from the jurisdiction of his/her home country.
    It is also within the discretion of the host country to declare any member of the diplomatic staff of a mission persona non grata (or unwanted person). This may be done at any time and there is no obligation to explain such a decision. In these situations, the home country, as a rule, would recall the person or terminate his/her function with the mission.
    The Vienna Convention provides for specific measures that can be taken by both the home and host countries in cases of misuse or abuse of diplomatic privileges and immunities. On the whole, diplomatic privileges and immunities have served as efficient tools facilitating relations between States. No UN Member State has so far proposed rescinding the Convention or re-writing its provisions.
    Diplomatic privileges and immunities guarantee that diplomatic agents or members of their immediate family:
    May not be arrested or detained
    May not have their residences entered and searched
    May not be subpoened as witnesses
    May not be prosecuted

  17. The gun fire story
    The Nation article (http://nationmultimedia.com/2005/09/26/national/index.php?news=national_18706581.html) again:

    Vendor fires M16 at international school

    Published on September 26, 2005

    A food-stall owner opened fire on an international school with an M16 assault rifle early yesterday in what he said was just a way to vent his anger.

    Tossaporn Boonchuay, 38, said he used the gun out of frustration after two city police seized his stall, which meant they took away his livelihood.

    “He pleaded guilty and claimed he knew he did the wrong thing. Still, he told us that a gun was now the best way to justice,” Bang Pong Pang Police Station’s superintendent Colonel Chaowalit Manosamut said.

    He said Tossaporn would be charged with unauthorised possession and use of a war weapon and war ammunition, and carrying a war weapon and ammunition in public places without sound reason.

    According to police, Tossaporn was drunk when he dug out the assault rifle from where he had buried it behind Fortune Tower. He opened fire on an international school in Yannawa district at 3am and at least four of his bullets hit the school’s building.

    He was later arrested inside Fortune Tower.

    Tossaporn claimed he fired at the school to vent his anger after two city police officials seized his stall because he failed to pay them Bt500.

    He said he’d run his stall in front of Fortune Tower for more than four years during which he had paid the city police Bt500 a month just like other stall owners. However, heavy expenses had left him unable to pay them in the past three months, which he believed was the only reason why they had seized his stall.

    In 1989, Tossaporn robbed a bank with an M16 assault rifle – for which he served nine years and 11 months in prison.

  18. To: [email protected]
    CC: [email protected], [email protected], “[email protected]” , “[email protected]” , [email protected]
    Subject: Tortured Children
    Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 02:52:10 -0500

    Show Full Headers Back To [SENT]

    Dear President Bush

    I don’t mean to be rude but you people dropped them in the 5hit in the first place according to my knowledge. Perhaps you may be able to help them out of their dilemna and I assume the UN are doing their best as usual.

    I wrote to PM Tony Blair about the twenty nine hmong children that needed help. I hope that tyrant Shinawatra hasn’t been torturing them in Bangkok…(seriously). It may be these are the children who have been screaming as if tortured.


    Count Erik Young Of Ladonia


    I asked Tony Blair to help the 29 Hmong children in Laos end last / early this year .

    I do hope he did not entrust Mr Thaksin Shinawatra to oversee the matter since the report below mentions their condition. Shinawatra is Satan a very very evil man.

    The United Nations has accepted at “a very high level” that genocide against Hmong people is taking place in Laos, and is poised to begin talks with the Lao government to try to bring an end to the alleged crimes, a UN consultant said yesterday.

    Human rights groups have been working for years to prove that systematic torture and murder amounting to genocide is being committed by the state against the Hmong ethnic minority in northern Laos.

    “The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Genocide, and the Special Rapporteur on Torture have both accepted that these crimes are taking place and have written letters to that fact,” UN consultant Rebecca Sommer told reporters. “The US government and the UN have agreed that they no longer need any more evidence to prove that genocide is taking place in Laos.”

    Sommer said the UN had scheduled a meeting with the Lao government next week to discuss ways of stopping the oppression of the Hmong in Laos.

    Sommer is also due to screen a documentary she has made cataloguing crimes against the Hmong to top UN officials in Bangkok today, including the High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterrez.

    The documentary is based on interviews filmed with Hmong refugees in late 2005 at a makeshift camp in Huay Nam Khao village in Phetchabun province and footage from a fact-finding commission that has filmed atrocities against the minority group in areas of northern Laos where an estimated 20,000 Hmong continue to be pursued by the Lao and Vietnamese armies.

    Many of the refugees interviewed in the film tell of atrocities, including rape, mutilation and murder on a genocidal scale and say they would rather die than return to Laos. Sommer claims the Hmong are being tracked and killed as part of Lao and Vietnamese military exercises in the Xaysomboun Special Zone, which is closed to foreigners and the UN.

    However, there has been no official acceptance from the UN that genocide is taking place in Laos.

    The film also includes interviews with some high-level UN delegates who agree that the refugees in Thailand – whom Bangkok says it will repatriate – and the remaining Hmong in Laos need help. However, the officials also admit that unresponsive governments will make it hard for the UNHCR to carry out its mandate.

    More than 300,000 Hmong have fled communist Laos, claiming they are being persecuted for supporting the pro-American government during the Lao civil war when a CIA-backed campaign failed to defeat communist forces. Sommer urged the Thai government to give the UNHCR immediate access to the 6,000 Hmong refugees being held in Phetchabun.

    However, the government continues to insist that the thousands of Lao Hmong in the makeshift camps at Huay Nam Khao are illegal immigrants who must be repatriated and has shown no inclination to allow the UNHCR into the camp.

    Human rights advocates insist that many of the refugees will face persecution and even death if they return to Laos and have called on the government to allow the UNHCR to document them as soon as possible. Noi doubt they have been terrorised and tortured since arriving in Thailand.

    Thai authorities have also arrested a number of new arrivals this year, mostly women and children, many of whom are being kept “worse than animals,” in detention cells, said Sommer.
    “There are children and teenagers there that are now mentally disturbed. They are completely broken,” she said, speaking of one group that has been kept in cells for the past three months in a Phetchabun police station. The 29 detainees, mostly children, were covered in rashes, suffering from diarrhea and stomach aches and were forced to drink “dirty and smelly water,” Sommer said. The cells were “completely unsanitary,” she said.

  19. The Ladonian Ambassador – Human Rights

    The worst Prime Minister is a man who will torture children and terrify mothers.
    Osama Bin Laden does not send his people out to torture kids and mothers like you have.
    You Mr Shinawatra are much worse than Osama Bin Laden, that makes you the number one enemy of the World.
    You never gave any concern towards the damage to children and the same applies to The Sophonpanich family for allowing you into their properties, a total disgrace may you be imprisoned for life or executed in accordance with the guidance record in the New Testament bible. Actually it recommends to throw Satan and his devoted partners into a lake of burning fire.
    Your Scientology World is nothing more than a movie complimenting evil lies and satan himself..
    If I ever see you in person I will kill you for torturing children and terrorising my family.
    You want a bet to see if I will do it ? You are Satan as per the prediction made nearly 400 years ago by Nostradamus (see his book) rising in China (Thailand was a province of China around that time).
    I think your gang of thieves attempted to plunder The Sultan Of Brunei’s fortune.
    He is a man who was educated through old style values not the descendant of a gangster.
    I wonder now if the same scientology/shinawatra influence messed up his marriage because he would not hand over the money ???????????????????
    You have had a hand in the scientology crime world since you studied in the USA. I think you brought this disease to Asia.
    How are things with the financial world for you now Mr Shinawatra ?
    I know nothing ! Man-well that is your way of solving your guilt.


    Dear Thaksin Shinawatra
    Your enemies includes most terrorist world-wide and just about everyone else in the world. A drug dealer can stay in prison with all the other criminals but a child abuser is so hated they usually die unless placed separately in a secured unit.
    I want the people who hurt my children and other kids killed, put to death for their Satanic evil including that evil old lady (the poison dwarf) in Chlaong Kreung Soi 85 side soi 9…. she knew children were being abused … also try Sattupradhit soi 35 for the bald frizzy headed creep with a jack russell dog unless he is hiding in 85 soi 6 side soi 1.
    You hired them to wreck my wife Net. you bastard Mr Shinawatra

    [The Nation: 27.1.06; WCRWC: 5.1.06] – EXPERTS recently confirmed that Thailand has become a regional hub for trafficking women for the sex industry. With an improving infrastructure in the Greater Mekong subregion, large numbers of people from southern China, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam have moved to Thailand, said Kritaya Archavanitkul, an academic from Mahidol University. Many of the women and children smuggled into the country with migrant workers entered the sex industry in the Kingdom, before moving to other countries.
    “In that sense Thailand is a regional hub for human trafficking for the sex industry,” she told a seminar hosted by the Toyota Foundation. Sex is a high-margin business and law enforcement to curb its spread in the Kingdom is lax, she added.
    Based on a series of interviews with prostitutes, Kritaya was able to trace the trafficking routes and discovered that girls from China’s Yunnan province travelled through Burma to work in Bangkok and Hat Yai before moving on to Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Taiwan. “The group I interviewed was deported from Taiwan to Thailand, where they were later charged with illegal entry,” she said, adding that the promotion of tourism in Thailand, and its sex industry, were significant factors in stimulating the trafficking of women and girls.
    About half the 23,000 Lao illegal migrants in Thailand work in the sex industry, said Suchada Thaweesith from Ubon Ratchathani University. They are no strangers to the sex industry, she told the seminar. Drinking girls, women promoting brands of beer and vendor girls are now common in the sex industry in Laos, said Suchada.
    Meanwhile, the Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children (WCRWC) released a new study entitled, ‘Abuse without end: Burmese refugee women and children at risk of trafficking’. It highlights the sufferings of hundreds of thousands of refugees from Burma, many of them women and children, who have fled into neighboring Thailand in the course of the past two decades.
    Escaping armed conflict and rampant human rights violations in their homeland, these refugees often find that safety eludes them during and after crossing the Thai border, says the report. The failure of Thailand to offer them meaningful protection puts them at risk of continued human rights abuses, including trafficking. Women and children are particularly at risk of trafficking, and the sexual and physical exploitation and forced labor associated with it, as they desperately seek a way to support themselves and their families.
    Forced into an underground existence by their lack of status and precarious living conditions, Burmese in Thailand are at strong risk of being trafficked. According to the Women’s Commission study, such trafficking can occur at various points during the migration experience, including before the individual has crossed the border, during the border crossing or once present in Thailand itself. It may result from force, coercion or deception. After being trafficked, women and children may end up in a range of abusive situations, including forced prostitution. q
    [Reuters: 9.8.02; BBC-News: 16.7.02; The Guardian: 31.7.02] – CAMBODIA is to station special police officers at tourist sites across the country to try and root out foreigners lured by its reputation as a haven for perverts and pedophiles. Chen Samon, head of the tourism bureau in the capital Phnom Penh, said around 70 officers would be deployed in guest houses, hotels and temple sites with a remit to stamp out sex tourism. “We have more than one thousand temples to visit in Cambodia. We don’t need sex tourists,” Chen Samon told a meeting of tourist leaders and police.
    Overseas visitors are returning to Cambodia in greater numbers as the country emerges from two decades of civil war, including four years of rule by the brutal Khmer Rouge. Some 700,000 foreign arrivals are expected in 2002. However, some visitors are drawn by the impoverished country’s unsavory reputation for commercial sex, often involving underage boys and girls.
    Despite a few high profile campaigns to tackle Cambodia’s under-age sex trade, little progress has been made in recent years. International aid agencies estimate there are 20,000 child prostitutes – of both sexes – working in Cambodia. Many are virtual slaves, having been sold by their families to pimps, and so are open to abuse in a country with a notoriously corrupt police force and weak judiciary.
    However, a British schoolteacher, Jon Keeler, is serving a three year sentence in Cambodia after he was caught filming young girls performing sexual acts in 2000. Another British tourist, Derek Baston, was recently arrested near Phnom Penh for allegedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl. He was detained when police officers raided a brothel in Svay Pak, a suburb of the city known as a prostitution centre. In addition, Cambodian authorities discovered in May that the former British pop star Gary Glitter, who was convicted in Britain in 1999 for possessing pornographic pictures of children, had been living in the country since last year.
    In July, an Italian man, Alain Filippo Berruti was found guilty of debauchery and of exploiting the Cambodian children, who were aged between 11 and 14. He had been arrested in 2001 when police found him with four boys on the banks of the Tonle Sap river in the capital Phnom Penh. He has been jailed for 10 years.
    6th September 2006
    Chairperson of Governance and Nominating Committee
    c/o Corporate Secretary’s Office
    Capital One Financial Corporation
    1680 Capital One Drive
    McLean, Virginia 22102
    A sensitive matter please pass to your CEO and Founder – Michael Morris
    Dear Michael
    I enclose a copy of a ltter email I have sent for the attetion of VISA at their World Headquarters in the USA
    Please support my pleading for Human Rights of Children.
    Count Erik Young Of Ladonia – Ambassador Human Rights
    PS I found someone very special and may get married “again” soon. I hope your life is the way you would wish it to be, mine has been hell on earth fighting that Tyrant Shinawatra and his evil associates.
    Dear Mr Rodrigues
    I thought I should let you know that Mr Chatri Soponpanich from the family of the Bangkok Bank founder agreed access to his property enabling a group acting for Mr Thaksin Shinawatra (Thai PM) to terrorise a ten year old girl. My daughter was depressed and withdrawn for a long period due to Church Of Scientology members and others systematically terrorising her with insults about her father.
    There has been a serious problem in the attitude concerning sexually abusing children. The Thai community has just sat by whilst children have been abused and tortured both physically and mentally.
    In particular the Chinatown community of Bangkopk deem it acceptable to allow child whore houses to prosper. A child is bought for as little as $100 and forced into becoming a sex slave under lock and key until about seventeen years of age.
    Please will VISA get together with your competitors and place a block on all credit card transactions through Thailand until the communities expose the names and details of the offenders.
    The Thai laugh in my face that I am not capable of persuading your industry to take such a step, money being so much moere important than children. I realise some culture are very materialistic unlike others where people like your board of directors place the life of a child high above a few dollars of profit.
    Sorry to have troubled you I hope it will bring you a positive return some time.
    The Ladonian Ambassador
    Count Erik Young

    Mr Thaksin Shinawatra’s (Thai Prime Minister)
    Cover up of pedophile child sexual abuse by Scientology

    This is the cult that Thaksin Shinawatra (Thailand’s worst Prime Minister in fifty years) and his agents use to terrorise people including children. Shinawatra (who we code as K-toe ) is considered by some to be enemy number one of the world. Osama Bin Laden does not commit pre-planned and systematic attacks upon children and mothers nor does he specialise in torturing children and mothers and this is precisely why he is no longer enemy number one of the world.

    Part of Tax-exempt Child Abuse and Neglect by Mike Gormez. Link to message board

    When reading the stories of child sexual abuse and how Scientology management tried to cover them up, then remember there’s a Scientology policy stating that scientologists who are “upstat” – those doing very well, and/or making a lot of money for Scientology – should never be punished, while those who are “downstat” should be investigated. Gabriel Scott Williams reportedly was such an “upstat” person who was making lots of money for Scientology and so victim Jennifer was to be stopped filing a complaint about the gruesome sexual and psychological abuse of Gabe Wiliams.
    Source: HCOPL 1 September 1965, “Ethics Protection”:
    In short a staff member can get away with murder so long as his statistic is up and can’t sneeze without a chop if it’s down. … When people do start reporting a staff member with a high statistic, what you investigate is the person who turned in the report.

    Child rapist Gabriel Williams
    New York Post, 2 October 2005
    A FORMER Scientology staffer is breaking her silence about being sexually assaulted 100 times at ages 16 and 17 by the church supervisor [Gabriel Williams] she was “ordered” to live with, and then receiving threats and intimidating phone calls when she reported the abuse… In a related civil suit brought by Stewart against Williams and the church, she recently received as part of the settlement a “generous monetary resolution,” said her attorney. Although the church admitted no wrongdoing, it forked over about $700,000, sources say.

    Gabriel Scott Williams’ California Registered Sex Offender Profile Display. Other files which were placed on this page temporally and the police files about the harassment the Gorman family received plus copies of the complaint against scientologist rapist Gabriel Williams, who was convicted of sexual battery and sodomy, are now collected on a dedicated page: http://www.taxexemptchildabuse.net/pedophile/Gabriel_Williams.html

    Donald Anthony Strawn
    State of Florida v. Donald Anthony Strawn
    A Scientologist by the name of Donald Anthony Strawn, also known as Tony Strawn, was convicted in 1995 to thirty years in prison for sexually molesting two girls, ages 11 and 13. The children were in his custodial care at the time. Scientology directed (under threat of expulsion) that the mother not report the incident to the proper authorities, because the church could “handle” his “aberration”.

    Tony Strawn is currently incarcerated by the Department of Corrections, FL

    Letter of Yolanda Howell to Dennis Erlich (auf Deutsch)
    One little baby I knew in the Sea Org got herpes during a Cadet Org epidemic. A 14 year old girl disclosed to me how she and a few other little girls were leaving the Cadet Org in the daytime and performing sexual services for one of the girl’s uncles in exchange for money. A man who worked in the Cadet Org admitted he was sexually molesting the children. Although these incidents were written up, as far as I know they were never “handled.”

    Sea Org = Scientology members who signed a billion year contract
    Cadet Org = program for children so their Sea Org parents can get on with their business within the organization

    Low Priority for Child Welfare By Adeline Dodd-Bova
    These were the children of dedicated Scientologists. Students’ files revealed previous teachers’ statements of incidents of physical and sexual abuse. All of these cases were reported to the principal. The reports were “handled” by Scientology alone. Teachers dared not report these crimes on their own outside the school for fear of losing their jobs.

    The Mace Kingsley Ranch by Astra Woodcraft
    I was 13 years old. I think I was 13. Everyone had beer and got drunk. I think the first night or the second night I was up there, I was sitting next to him and I had had a few beers and so had he. And so had everyone else. And he put his hand down my shirt and down my bra and started feeling me. And I…it really scared me and I asked my friend later, I said, “What’s Wally [Hanks] doing? Why did he do this?” And she said, “Oh. Don’t worry. He just does that with the girls. That’s just what he does but don’t worry about it.”

    Ex-scientologists Jane Scott writes to John Ashcroft
    What we did not know about when we took our son to Mace-Kingsley was that Wally Hanks was a pedophile who was engaged in illegal relations with at least one, or perhaps several, of the girls in his charge. One weekend when his younger brother and I went up see Jesse the Ranch it was in obvious turmoil and there appeared to be several new adults around. Jesse swore us to secrecy and then explained that one of the girls and her boyfriend had run away because she “freaked-out” about Wally’s sexually molesting her and her not wanting it to go on anymore.

    Former Mace-Kingsley staffer Wally Hanks after his Mace-Kingsley time, started his own school for troubled Scientologist kids, the Hanks Ranch. In April 2004 a former student told of the time there in Little Ranch of Horrors II
    Wally beat the shit out of me once for running his horse too hard. We had another whacked out vietnam vet who was clearly psychotic stay there for a few months, living in a tent out in the back of the property. On a camping/hunting trip to the Indian mines he completely lost his mind, took all his clothes off, grabbed a couple guns and took off into the desert. We found him a couple days later.
    Kids torturing animals. Older kids making younger kids perform homosexual acts, on them. I’m sure there is tons more, but I’d have to sit and think about it.

    Wally Hanks / Wallace Hanks’ scientology page vanished but here is still a partial copy. Hanks is currently Founding Commodore of a sailing club for youth. The Roundhouse Yacht Club.
    Apparently the MK-Ranch was closed. I don’t know why but the following explanation was given by the state website:
    State of New Mexico – Department of Education
    June 10, 2002
    Nonpublic Schools Commission to Meet on June 14
    (Santa Fe, NM-The Nonpublic Schools Commission will meet on Friday, June 14, 2002, at 9:00 a.m. at the College of Santa Fe in Albuquerque, 2201 San Pedro, NE, Building 2. The commission will hear accreditation summaries from New Mexico State Board of Education (SBE)-approved agencies that accredit nonpublic schools.
    In addition to accreditation summaries, the commission will discuss the Ranch School, which was formerly the Mace-Kingsley Ranch School.
    For more information, please contact the SDE’s Alternative Education Unit at (505) 827-6909.

    The Mace-Kingsley Ranch was renamed Hacienda Del Espirito, Inc. aka New Mexico Ranch. and is currently, April 2004, for sale. Note that in Clearwater, Florida, a Mace-Kingsley Family Center exists with Jeff Avrin as ED, Ed Cramb as auditor and Carol Kingsley as President.

    Life aboard Scientology’s ship ‘The Apollo’ in 1968
    Posting of Steve Manning 8 Mar 2000
    Working twelve hour days for little or no money. Sleeping in over crowded dormitories with strange adults led to sexual abuse. And all this in the good name of Scientology. If any of you sick fucks who are in the business today can explain why this happened to me, especially while “God” himself was on board, I’ll be happy to know.

    It is interesting to note that Scientology asked for exemption of a sexual exploitation legislation in Texas, that would forbid counselors to have sex with their patients. Perhaps Scientology feared past and present sexual abuse victims would sue them.
    American Family Foundation – The Cult Observer Vol. 11 No. 4 1994
    Scientologists and Psychiatrists
    The Church of Scientology, an implacable foe of psychiatry, took an unexpected stance toward recently passed legislation in Texas prohibiting psychotherapists from engaging in sex with current or former patients. According to John Bush, executive director of the Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians, the Church of Scientology asked for a waiver because the bill would also apply to clergy who do psychological counseling. (From “Scientology Receives Tax Exemption,” Psychiatric Times, 12/93, 11)

    Scamizdette: Evidence of disturbing neglect of Scientology children?
    Chris Owen citing internal Scientology documents — June 1997
    “When I was a nanny for the first ten months of being in the SO [Sea Org]. I would ofter [sic] pick up the kids and give them a hug or sit them on my lap. Sometimes when I would do this I would get an erection. This was like a 2-D restim. I guess and sort of surprised and embarassed [sic] me….”

  20. Another group of people (with families and children) MURDERED by Mr Shinawatra’s and his agents TRT and others) diabolical (almost non-existent) humanitarian management skills……

    Annexe: Targeted killings of environmentalists

    1. Mr Jurin Ratchapol, 55-year-old leader of the Baan Pa Khlok Conservation Association, Amphur Talang, Phuket province, was shot dead on 30 January 2001. He had been threatened eight days earlier by Mr Somsak Wongsawanont, owner of the Watchira Farm shrimp ponds. After the killing, Somsak surrendered to the police on possessing a weapon, but denied killing Jurin. A gunman was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder, but the case against Mr Somsak was dismissed.

    2. Mr Narin Phodaeng, 67-year-old president of the Khao Cha-ang Klang Thung Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Conservation Association in Amphur Khao Chamao, Rayong province, was shot dead on 1 May 2001, after a meeting of the group at his house to discuss mining at a nearby mountain. One perpetrator was arrested who is known to have connections to politicians serving on the board of the mining company, Rayong Silapetch. The case is before the courts.

    3. Mr Pithak Tonwut, 30-year-old consultant for the Conserve Chompoo River Basin Network, Amphur Nunmaprang, Phitsanulok province, was shot dead on 17 May 2001 while returning from a meeting with the district authorities regarding a rock quarry. Police arrested two suspects, but they were released for lack of evidence. The family and colleagues of the victim allege that powerful politicians and businessmen have interfered in the case and prevented a full investigation to get the necessary evidence for a conviction. The family has refused to cremate the body of the victim until the case is resolved.

    4. Ms Chaweewan Pueksungnoen, 35-year-old campaigner with Na Klang Tambon Administrative Organisation, Amphur Sungnoen, in Nakhon Ratchasima province, was shot dead on 21 June 2001 outside her house after challenging the management of local construction projects that were against the public interest. No perpetrator has been charged or arrested, and the police cite lack of evidence. The family has refused to cremate the body of the victim until the case is resolved.

    5. Mr Suwat Wongpiyasathit, 45-year-old leader of a campaign against a rubbish landfill in Tambon Ratchathewa, Amphur Bang Phli, Samut Prakarn province, was shot dead on 26 June 2001. He had been threatened repeatedly and had asked for police protection without success. Six suspects in the case were arrested, but the persons behind the killing are believed connected with the Phairot Somphong Phanit Company, which runs the landfill on a concession from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and has close links with a well-known political family in Samut Prakarn.

    6. Mr Somporn Chanapol, 41-year-old president of the Khlong Kra Dae Environmental Conservation Group, Amphur Kanchanadit, Surat Thani province, was shot dead on 1 August 2001 while trying to combat illegal logging in the Khlong Kra Dae forest. The police arrested the gunman, but claimed he acted alone. The family of the victim complains that the police have not properly investigated the case to connect it to the illegal loggers.

    7. Mr Kaew Binpanma, 59-year-old leader of a landless people’s campaign together with the Northern Farmers’ Federation in Tambon Doi Loh, Chiang Mai province, was shot dead on 23 June 2002 after occupying unused land, which was connected to powerful families in Chang Mai. A gunman was arrested but he claimed the killing was a personal dispute. Colleagues and family members insist that the police did not properly investigate the case, to avoid implicating powerful people.

    8. Mr Boonsom Nimnoi, 44-year-old member of the Amphur Baan Laem Ocean Conservation Group and leader of a campaign against a petrochemical project in Amphur Baan Laem, Petchburi province, was shot dead on 2 September 2002. After the killing, the police did not act to catch the perpetrators, so the villagers protested at the provincial headquarters and two suspects were arrested. However, the court released them on 9 July 2004 for lack of evidence; witnesses to the murder had been threatened and refused to testify; material evidence also was not properly recorded and presented to the court. The family has refused to cremate the body of the victim until the case is resolved.

    9. Mr Preecha Thongpaen, 57-year-old leader of the Tambon Kuan Krod Environmental Conservation Group, Amphur Thung Song, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, was shot dead on 27 September 2002 after campaigning strongly against a poorly-conceived sewerage water treatment plant project from which local politicians and businessmen would obtain considerable financial benefit. It took one year of constant pressure by the family to have the alleged gunman arrested. As a result, other family members have been threatened. The case is in the courts, but the family complains that the police have not properly collected evidence and they are concerned that for this reason the accused will be acquitted.

    10. Mr Boonyong Intawong, 42-year-old leader of a campaign against the Doi Mae Auk Roo stone quarry, Amphur Wieng Chai, Chiang Rai province, was shot dead on 20 December 2002, after bringing a team from the National Human Rights Commission to see the damage caused by the quarry. The company working the quarry is owned by a member of parliament. One suspect has been arrested, but charges have not yet been laid by the public prosecutor.

    11. Mr Samnao Srisongkhram, 38-year-old president of the Lam Nam Phong Environmental Conservation Association, Amphur Ubonrat, Khon Kaen province, was shot dead on 25 November 2003 after years of fighting environmentally unsound practices of the nearby Phoenix Paper factory. The police arrested the alleged gunman, who said that Mr Sompong Naree, the headman of Tambon Kok Sung, had hired him. However, Mr Sompong was released for lack of evidence, and the alleged gunman has since pleaded innocence.

    12. Mr Charoen Wat-aksorn, 37-year-old president of the Love Bo Nok Association, Amphur Muang, Prachuab Khiri Khan province, was shot dead on 21 June 2004, after successfully fighting against the construction of a coal-fired power plant in the area. He was killed after coming back from a Senate hearing into fraudulent use of public land. The family claimed that the autopsy was deliberately botched, and over 1000 villagers took the body to Bangkok for re-examination by the Forensic Science Institute. Under public pressure, the case was transferred to the Department of Special Investigation under the Ministry of Justice, and five suspects have since been arrested. However, villagers and family still allege that the investigation has not been done properly, as the investigators claim the killing was a personal dispute to avoid implicating higher-up people.

    13. Mr Supol Sirijant, 58-year-old leader of the Mae Mok Community Forestry Network, Amphur Thun, Lamphun province, was shot dead on 11 August 2004 after causing the arrest of an illegal logger and seizure of a number of trucks on August 10. A warrant for one person has been issued, but no further action has taken place.

    14. Ms Pakwipa Chaloemklin, 49-year-old vice president of the Baan Hua Krabu community group, Amphur Ba Mok, Ang Thong province, was shot dead on 14 October 2004 after fighting against construction of a container port in the community. Three days later, the community was to meet with officials over the proposed construction. Pakwipa had been threatened and offered money to drop her campaign. A member of parliament is closely linked to the proposed construction. The case is still with the police.

    I know no diplomacy save that of truth – The Ladonian Ambassador

    cc President George W Bush

  21. To all The Ambassadors in Bangkok,
    All about Mr Shinawatra’s (Satan’s) reign of terror………..For your information

    Count Erik Young Of Ladonia – The Ladonian Ambassador

    Prime Minister’s Orders Nos 29/2546 http://www.article2.org/mainfile.php/0203/
    A day after Kwanla and Thanom’s deaths, another person in the neighbourhood was murdered in a similar manner, again a ‘reformed’ drug user turned victim of the ‘war’. Boonyung Tangtong, a 40 year-old father, had reported to Na Chaliang police station, Petchabun, as ordered. Shortly after, nine armed men came to his house, took him into his bedroom and shot him in the head and chest. His murder took place in full view of his wife and children, including a two-year-old daughter, and two other relatives
    It was late in the afternoon. Somjit was busy with customers as usual when four men entered the shop. They were wearing black shirts and black pants. All of them had sunglasses and caps. Their hair outside the caps was quite short. They asked Somjit if she had beer and could open the bottles for them. Somjit took two bottles of beer from the refrigerator, opened them and handed the bottles to those men. It was then that one of the men shot her with a pistol. The first bullet hit her left hand, near her wrist. Somjit fell to the ground. That man jumped over her body and shot seven more rounds at her at point-blank range. The shooting took place in front of me, Somjit’s seven-months pregnant daughter, Somjit’s seven-year-old granddaughter and four other relatives. The four men then left the shop. They drove away in a red Mitsubishi pickup truck. But I could not see the plate number.
    Somjit’s daughter was present at the scene, too. She told Human Rights Watch:
    I was seven-months pregnant when Somjit was shot. I saw the shooting. It was very cruel. After my mother was killed, the police asked me to go to the district police station only once. They asked me if she was a drug dealer. I said my mother was a good person, she never sold drugs or knew anyone in that business. She also had no personal conflicts with anyone. That was the only time I was called in to talk to the police about my mother’s death.
    On February 12, 2003, just after noon, on the route to Wat Dhama Kaya Temple, Ban Neun Village, in Lom Kao District, Petchaborn Province (about fourteen kilometers from the victims’ village), four men were murdered as part of the war on drugs. They were Sia-Jua Sae Thao (forty-five), Somchai Sae Thao (Sia-Jua’s brother), Bunma Sae Thao (fifty-nine, the cousin of Sia-Jua and Somchai), and Saeng Sae Thao (fifty-two, the village chief). All were farmers; all were ethnic Hmong.

    The four were killed on the way home from a visit to the district police station. According to official sources, none of the victims had a previous record of drug-related activity. The police summarily classified their murders as “cut-off killings.”
    the upper part of Sia-Jua’s body had many bruises, his face had bruises, and his jaw was broken; Bunma’s face had a stab wound. The wound was triangular in shape. The skull on the back of his head was broken. His left hip had a severe burn mark; Somchai’s neck and shoulder bones were broken; and Seang’s body had many bruises
    – Jai-jue had a broken chin and bruised eyes;
    – Boonma’s body was burnt on its left side, and his face had been stabbed with a sharp object, leaving a triangular shape; the back of his head was also reportedly severely damaged;
    – Somchai had a broken neck and collarbone;
    – Seng Sae appeared to have beaten.
    A witness reported that a police officer, whom he did not want to name, told him and another witness, “Please understand, we [Lom Kao District police officers] did not kill your father, it was police officers from Lom Sak District [Petchaboon Province].”
    In a similar case, six local leaders were shot dead in Ban Pang Khon, Huay Chompu sub district, Muang (‘Central’ district, Chiang Rai, while returning in a pick-up truck from an anti-drug meeting on February 27.
    Sia-Jua had eight children younger than twelve years old
    Bunma had fifteen children (from two wives), the youngest of whom was a daughter eighteen months old.
    On February 23, 2003, nine year-old Chakraphan Srisa-ard died from bullet wounds after police fired at the car driven by his mother, who was fleeing a drug sting operation in which his father was arrested.
    The case of 75-year-old Samniang Chusri stands out as an example of how anybody with her name on a blacklist could be a target for execution. Samniang had been called in by village authorities in Koh Plabphla sub-district, Muang district, Ratchaburi and told she was on a blacklist. Officials tried to coerce her to sign a confession, and renounce drug-related activities. One of her daughters had last year been charged with possessing 21 methamphetamine pills, but Samniang insisted that she had nothing to do with it and refused to sign anything. Days later, on February 25, two men arrived on a motorcycle at the front of a neighbouring shop, where Samniang was having a soft drink on the porch. One pressed his hands in supplication and asked for Samniang’s forgiveness before shooting her in the head and chest.
    Although the majority of killings involved “unidentified?killers, in some 70 cases police have acknowledged responsibility for deaths
    In the case of 42-year-old Boonteem Chaiyang, the police may first have held him captive and tortured him before executing him. According to the police, Boonteem, of Pha Ham sub-district, Muang district, Chiang Mai, was the target of a sting operation.
    The police, from Thungkru police station, claim that on the night of February 2 he shot at them on Soi Pracha-uthit 76, in front of Burana Suksa School.
    In a rather different case, a Chinese Haw drug suspect Hong Khaphapu was “found dead?in a detention cell at Hua Mak police station, Bangkok According to Dr Pornthip Rojanasunan, the acting director of the Forensic Science Institute, however, it is impossible for someone to commit suicide by immersing his head in a small bucket of water. Dr Pornthip added that she was unable to investigate the case as it was outside her jurisdiction, but concluded, “We won’t call this suicide.”
    Meanwhile, shortly after the killing of Chakraphan, a 16-month-old girl and her mother were killed on February 26. The girl’s mother, 38-year-old Raiwan Khwanthongyen, was carrying her baby, nicknamed ‘Ice’ in the centre of Sadao district, Songkhla, police said, when “unidentified gunmen” shot them both.
    Earlier in the month, on February 13, 38-year-old Sam-ang Chumchom was killed by gunfire apparently aimed at a person in an adjacent vehicle at a red light in Udon Thani. Sam-ang was riding a bicycle back home when she stopped alongside the car carrying 27-year-old Sanya Khampatan, the apparent target of the killing,

  22. To ALL The Ambassadors in Thailand,
    Dear Mr Shinawatra (Satan)
    Mr Shinawatra there are about 5862 Ambassadors on planet Earth.
    If necessary I will write to every single one of them detailing all the murders carried out during your leadership of Thailand. Get out of Thai politics and stay out, the World does not want you. Do all of us a favour and leave the Planet.
    A total of 2625 murder related cases were filed http://www.achrweb.org/Review/2005/83-05.htm
    There is no need to be diplomatic with a mass murderer.
    Please anyone doing business with The Ship Corp close your acount instantaneously and don’t return until that monster, Shinawatra, is gone for good. His deal with Temasek must have been conditional.
    Count Erik Young Of Ladonia

    The work of Satan……………………
    30 June 2005
    UA-112-2005: THAILAND: Murder of Thai monk following an environmental and land dispute with local influential business figures
    THAILAND: Murder of environmentalist; Department of Special Investigation; Rule of Law
    Dear friends,
    The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to inform you of the brutal murder of Phra Supoj Suwajano, a monk who had vociferously been protesting against illegal logging in Fang district, Chiang Mai province. Phra Supoj was stabbed to death on 17 June 2005 after exposing a log-poaching network near his Santi Dhamma monastery and a dispute over this land with local influential businessmen. His murder is the latest in a growing list of environmentalists and human rights defenders who have been killed in Thailand in recent years.
    While the AHRC welcomes the news that Phra Supoj’s case has been transferred to the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), under the Ministry of Justice, we are aware that this department has in the past failed to solve pressing cases. Many family members of victims whose cases have been transferred to DSI have after a year or two complained that the department has not done its job.
    We therefore call for your intervention by asking you to pressure the Thai government to fully investigate and promptly bring justice in this case. Those found to have been involved in the murder of Phra Supoj must be brought before a court of law and punished for their crimes. This is particularly important if it is found that influential persons are involved in this case and have paid others to do the killing for them. The Thai government must also ensure that thorough investigations are conducted into the deaths of other prominent environmentalists and human rights defenders and take measures to prevent further deaths.
    Urgent Appeals Desk
    Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)
    Name of the victim: Phra Supoj Suwagano, a monk previously residing at Mettadhamma Forest Sanctuary Dhamma Center in Ban Huay Ngunai, Sansai sub-district, Fang district, Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand.
    Date of murder: 17 June 2005
    Place of murder: The compound of Suan Methatham religious centre in Sansai district, Fang district, Chiang Mai province.
    Case Details:
    On 17 June 2005, Buddhist monk Phra Supoj Suwagano was brutally stabbed to death by unknown persons. Phra Supoj had been a member of the Sekhiyadhamma Group of development monks and involved in the conservation of more than 280 acres of forest land. This land has been desired by a group of local influential businessmen who have previously intimidated monks living there with threats of violence and murder. These same businessmen are also alleged to have connections with local and national political figures in the ruling Thai Rak Thai party.
    The Northern Development Monks Network believes that Phra Supoj’s murder may be directly linked to the local businessmen and the land dispute between these persons and the religious centre where Phra Supoj was stabbed. Phra Supoj and two other monks at the centre had allegedly been previously intimidated by men hired by local businessmen in a bid to get them to vacate the land the centre occupies. A complaint was filed by the three monks with the local police against the businessmen, but the police refused to accept it.
    The network has demanded the government find, without delay, the murderer and other persons responsible for Phra Supoj’s death. Such action would not only bring justice to Phra Supoj but would also help ensure the safety of those monks who continue to protect the land, which is being sought for orange farms and resorts.
    The network and other activists, however, hold deep concerns that the murderer and those behind Phra Supoj’s murder will never be brought to justice. They fear, for example, that local police will be instructed by their superiors in Bangkok to excuse national politician, Thai Rak Thai MP Santi Tansuhat from the list of suspects. Santi has said that he had no involvement in any land encroachment issue and did not know the monk. Further, Santi said police had told him the monk was killed after repeatedly scolding log poachers. Such comments by the police raise further concerns that this case will be dismissed as the actions of a petty criminal and not that of organised, influential figures.
    On June 20 Justice Minister Suwat Liptapanlop ordered the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to investigate the murder of Phra Supoj. While this is welcomed news, the DSI has proven its ineffectiveness in similar past cases and concerned persons fear that their investigation into Phra Supoj’s death will be no different.

    The murder of Phra Supoj is yet another death involving conservationists or human rights activists in recent years. As a party to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, the Thai government has failed in its obligation to protect persons who have dedicated themselves to national interests such as the environment and the promotion of human rights.
    The Thai government’s failure in this respect is an example of the inability of the state to address patterns of killings about which the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions expressed concern in his 2005 report. In the report he states: “In most situations, the isolated killing of individuals will constitute a simple crime and not give rise to any governmental responsibility. But once a pattern becomes clear in which the response of the Government is clearly inadequate, its responsibility under international human rights law becomes applicable. Through its inaction the Government confers a degree of impunity upon the killers”.
    The DSI, under the Ministry of Justice, is a quasi-independent body that deals with serious criminal cases where “public interest” is involved. Although it has a sufficient mandate to perform its tasks, many cases transferred to it have reached no result. This is apparent in the cases of slain environmentalist, Charoen Wat-aksorn (please see UA-76-2004 and UP-40-2004) and the disappearance of human rights lawyer, Somchai Neelaphaijit (there have been numerous updates on this, the most recent of which are UP-49-2005 and UP-45-2005). The relatives of these two victims have stated skepticism about the ability of the DSI to resolve the cases.
    The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) submitted a report raising concerns about many of these issues with the UN Human Rights Committee in March. The Committee is due to assess the compliance of the Government of Thailand with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which it is a party, in July. The ALRC report was published as a special report in article 2, Volume 4, Number 2, April 2005 (also available at: http://www.article2.org/mainfile.php/0402/188/). Among the contents of that report was an article by Tyrell Haberkorn called ‘Collusion and influence behind the assassinations of human rights defenders in Thailand’ that discusses the role of influential figures in the killings of prominent human rights defenders and environmentalists (see http://www.article2.org).

    Please send a letter to the Minister of Justice calling for a proper and thorough investigation into this case and the many others involving the murder of environmentalists and human rights defenders. Please also ask for the government to protect, no undermine, human rights defenders and environmentalists in Thailand.
    24 June 2004
    UA-76-2004: THAILAND: A prominent environmentalist Charoen Wat-aksorn murdered and an independent investigation required

    Thailand: Murder of human rights defenders

    Dear friends,

    The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is gravely concerned by the murder of Charoen Wat-aksorn (37) in Prachuap Khiri Khan provincial town on 21 June 2004. The two perpetrators have not yet been arrested. Charoen led a high-profile protest against the Bo Nok coal-fired power plant project in Prachuap Khiri Khan for a decade. On the day he was killed, Charoen had been to Bangkok to ask the House Committee on Corruption Investigation to investigate the alleged attempts by influential locals to grab public land. Charoen’s family and human rights groups believe influential figures are behind his murder. Local police are currently conducting an investigation in this case.

    The victim’s wife and human rights groups are strongly calling for the Thai government to have the Justice Ministery’s Special Investigation Department (SID) handle Charoen’s case, as local police may be influenced by the wealthy powerful residents. However, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra refused the request, merely instructing the Bangkok police to assist the local town police.

    During the last three years under the Thaksin administration, 16 environmentalists and human rights defenders were killed or went missing. Prior to Charoen was the disappearance of human-rights lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit, who was last seen on March 12 with his whereabouts still unknown.

    We call for your urgent intervention into this matter. Please send a letter to the government of Thailand and urge them to ensure transparency in the investigation by requiring an independent investigation agency (SID) to handle this case. Please also demand that the perpetrators and the masterminds of the murder be brought to justice without delay.

    Urgent Appeals Desk
    Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)


    On the night of 21 June 2004, Charoen Wat-aksorn (37), a prominent environmentalist in Prachuap Khiri Khan provincial town, was shot dead by two gunmen on a motorcycle near his home after stepping off a bus returning from Bangkok. The gunmen remain at large. The autopsy found he was shot by seven bullets, three of which penetrated through his head and face.

    Charoen led a high-profile protest against the Bo Nok coal-fired power plant project in Prachuap Khiri Khan for a decade. On the day he was killed, Charoen had been to Bangkok to ask the House Committee on Corruption Investigation to investigate in the allegation that the local officials illegally issued land title deeds on a public land plot in Prachuap Khiri Khan. Charoen’s family and human rights groups believe influential figures are behind his murder.

    A 900-rai plot of public land in Moo Jed Village of Tambon Bo Nok in the town of Prachuap Khiri Khan is under management of the local tambon administrative organisation (TAO). Initially, Gulf Electric planned to build a coal-fired power plant on the plot and leased the plot from the Bo Nok TAO. Once villagers came to know this fact, they came out to oppose it and ran for posts in the TAO in elections and won. The new TAO refused to renew the leasing contract with the firm, effectively preventing it from building the plant. However, according to the villagers, during the past few months, some wealthy people had bribed local officials to issue land deeds covering 53 rai of land on the plot. Charoen was taking action against this and filed complaints with the interior minister, the National Counter Corruption Commission and various House and Senate committees.

    Charoen’s wife and human rights groups demanded Charoen’s case be handled by the Justice Ministry’s Special Investigation Department (SID), not by local police. “We want the department to lead the investigation because we want transparency in the probe. Local police could be influenced by local influential people.” Suwit Wadnu, a Campaign for Popular Democracy adviser, said.

    On June 22, about 300 Bo Nok villagers rallied from the province to Bangkok together with the coffin of Charoen to protest against his murder and to call for justice. Korn-uma said the body would be kept for 100 days, which is time for the government to arrest those who killed her husband. She added that if it failed to arrest the murderers, she would carry her husband’s body for cremation in front of the government House. “His death would not be wasteful. The only thing I want is justice for my husband who was shot dead dreadfully,” she said.

    However, on June 23 Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra refused the request of Charoen’s wife and human rights groups to have SID take over a probe into his murder, which is currently being conduct by local police. Instead, he merely instructed the Bangkok police to assist the local police in the investigation, adding that he would also personally monitor police probes into the killing. “I don’t think there’s a need to send in Special Investigation Department officials. The task now is to investigate and make an arrest,” he said.

    According to the information received, today (June 24) 17 human rights and development NGOs will submit a letter to Prime Minister Thaksin, urging the Prime Minister as the chairman of the executive committee of the Special Investigation Department (SID) to handle the case. The NGOs said they will also urge the Thai government to arrest the gunmen and masterminds of Charoen’s murder and to establish an independent mechanism to protect human rights defenders.

    During the last three years under the Thaksin administration, 16 environmentalists and human-rights defenders were killed or went missing. Prior to Charoen was the disappearance of human-rights lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit, who was last seen on March 12 with his whereabouts still unknown. (Refer to our previous appeals: FA-06-2004, UP-14-2004 and UA-26-2004). In addition, 3,000 people were killed during the Thai government’s war on drugs in 2003, and about 200 people were killed in the deep South earlier this year.


    12th July 2006

    Dear Mr Shinawatra
    It is time for Thailand to have politics that is free from gross-misconduct and epidemic levels of corruption.

    If Thailand wants to be taken seriously by the rest of the World then be honest. That means it is absolutely necessary for you, Mr Shinawatra, to leave politics permanently.

    Truth alone will endure; all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time.

    I am an honest man, and a much better person than you are, Mr Shinawatra…..

    For this cause I too am prepared to die, but for no cause, my friend, will I be prepared to kill.
    My daughter, Rachinee, was educated at Harrow International School in Bangkok. http://www.harrowschool.ac.th
    This is the same school that you, Mr Shinawatra ,chose to educate one of your daughter’s…. the school of the elite….. It was four or five years ago I heard about your plans, Mr Shinawatra, concerning The Thai Royal Family,. Although I did not learn the exact detail of the plan I was given the impression you wanted to remove them from any involvement at all with Thai politics. Some who advised me, gave the impression you wanted them out of the way altogether.
    In fact Thailand may have been thrown into complete turmoil on several occasions in the past except for the fact that His Majesty The King intervened and defused the situation. His Majesty’s very minor influence had a positive and significant impact for solving serious difficulties in past political disputes. But then in those days we were not dealing with a mass murderer, (were we Mr Shinawatra ? )
    The type of sordid evil propaganda used by you, Mr Shinawatra and your agents, to damage my family and our reputation.. ….. your agents circulated stories that I was a paedophile for many months………. in fact I was spending some of my time making an effort to raise money to help children not hurt them. One particular charity I steer people towards is The Foundation For Human Development see http://www.fatherjoe.org …….they help children NOT hurt them. ….. and I don’t hurt children either.
    I have copied most of the messages I have posted about you and your family to The White House Washington DC and other political and religious contacts around the World.
    I have known for a long time that you have some chip on your shoulder about foreigners, that constitutes some form of racism.
    Worse than this you use children as targets to instill fear into people, as though other people’s children may be used by you as weapons.
    Count Erik Young Of Ladonia – The Ladonian Ambassador
    (Even if I am a minority of one, truth is still the truth)

    cc His Majesty’s Principle Private Secretary
    Khun Arsa Sarasin
    Office of His Majesty’s Principal Private Secretary
    Grand Palace
    Thanon Na Phra Lan
    Bangkok 10200



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