New cannon model

The Ministry of Future Science is able to present the latest fashion in international cannon models: The wood gun.

Photo by James Hartman
Photo by James Hartman

Photo: James Hartman

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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  2. Dear Merriment,

    Nobody lives in Ladonia, but there are visitors most of the time. And work is done all the time. This piece of land is claimed to be Swedish by the Swedes, but claimed to be Ladonian by the Ladonians. Simple as that.

  3. If there aren’t any people in Ladonia… then who runs the stuff that people go there to see? Is it just a huge empty country??? “Hey honey, let’s nip on down to Ladonia for the weekend, I hear huge barren wastelands are simply the THING to do now, a-ha.”

    Of COURSE there are people who live in Ladonia. Otherwise Donald Trump would have already snatched up the unclaimed land to build a resort hotel and strip club. A private strip club. …wwwith just himself in it. And a mirror.

  4. Why do you people do this? There are no people that acully lives in Ladonia. They’re nomads! And, there is no such thing as computers there (if the nomads don’t bring them themselves), and why would they want to file-share in ladonia when they are there on vacation?

  5. The new Wood Gun will be tree-mendous in the fight! Everyone should chip in to this cause. Leaf no stone unturned!

    Freedom for the peoples of Ladonia!

  6. O_O…. So its like a communism…. And the pepole inside know nothing?

    How….errr strange to say thelest.

  7. Resistance is futile!
    You’ll be assimilated!

    Surrender to the kopimist force and share freedom with us!

  8. Visste inte att man kunde skapa en suverän stat.
    vad krävs?

    Effort! Time! Skill! Faith! Vision! That stuff! Others things like being popular comes with the building of our nation.

  9. Visste inte att man kunde skapa en suverän stat.
    vad krävs?

  10. Such an abusive government. All we can do is join forces with the ACFI.

  11. No it’s not a joke. Landonia does exist.
    The wooden cannon looks like a joke but go there and see for yourself.

  12. I went to Ladonia yesterday, and there where so many people causing traffic jams in the stairs of Nimis, so my suggestion is that instead of investing money in canons use them for traffic lights in Nimis

  13. Demonstrationer mot Ladoniens uppenbara brott mot diverse internationella (och internEtionella) överenskommelser går av stapeln i Stockholm och Malmö i helgen. Kom dit, och protestera mot Ladoniens tvångsmässiga dagliga motion!!

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