Olympic Victory for Ladonia

A triumph for Ladonia Hockey

Today, on the 25th of February, the Ladonia National Icehockey Team won the gold medal in the Olympic Games.

Golden Winners! In Ladonia ice hockey has slightly different rules than what normally is expected. The game is played by one team at a time. The players in the team move around for one and a half hour with two breaks. Players are often shouting. The best performance gives the winner.
(Photo: James Hartman)

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One Comment

  1. Dear Erik,

    We have problems with skating in Ladonia; we are still waiting for the first winter with ice (since 1996). Thus we have to go abroad for competitions. Still skating is underdeveloped, but we have a minister in figure skating.

  2. Congratulations!!I’d Liked to kiss all players. They are female, are’nt they?
    Utterly proud of this historical victory! What about skating in Ladonia? I would like to meet your Minister of Wintersports.
    The ice-queen ?


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