Summer Life in Ladonia

It is still summer season in Ladonia. Much people visiting and climbing.

A bold climber in one of the towers

Nimis from the sea

Staff Reports

Ladonia Herald staff writers are citizens of the Royal Republic of Ladonia who donate their time and expertise to help write and edit the news and contribute photos. All writers and editors are vetted by our editorial committee.

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One Comment

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  2. Udite Rustici!

    The more I feel the taste of comment 3 – regarding the insights of the Ministry of Health & Everything, the better they look. The Buddhists are damn right. This mind of ours is a big illusion and our thoughts are not ours – they are phenomena of mind there to be picked up, if we like them, or that migh be forced upon us, if we land in fobic neurosis. The antidote is Will. Will is not lots of energy forced into habitual behaviour, that’s just being, shall we say, inflexible – will is something entirely different, it’s a taste of the transfinite! Man lives in two worlds, in that of the physical Wotan’s Tower, and in his Mind – which isn’t his, but a whole world being created and recreated in The Big Banging every moment in the great wholeness ever present. Mistakenly he takes it for his own. But “own” comes the earliest in a Third World, the moment he discovers his first transfinite little ability… We are going to offer group work shortly, for a relative quick fix to getting there. Gather Folks, gather, approach! Approach, approach, don’t be shy… come nearer, come nearer – We offer all this and much more for you!

    The Ministry, Sept 7, 2006.

  3. Old Wotan
    old Wotan, making his stand against the sea, friendly calm waters also this summer 2006, N years after Big Bang, like last summer 2005, N-1 years after Big Bang, according to the scientists. N is a very big number, but not uncountable, even thogh nobody ever will know whether precisely 15 110 732 998 or perhaps 17 221 439 029 or maybe 14 006 799 231 or shall we say 20 002 933 125 ?


    Be transfinite, and know thyself – know that your mind is but another world trampled by anybody, Christiam, Moslem, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, E& and Ladonian – and this world, we postulate, is created in the Big Banging, note the present tense, it is the present, the present moment, the eternal now, the Big Divine Banging and the bamgers are transfinite. Maybe you too want to achieve a transfinite status? Then our Ladonian Ministry of Health and Everything will take care of your ambition! We offer courses, “Know Thyself, Find your own Will (behind that mind of yours, which after all, isn’t so much yours own at all!)

    Avanti Rustici! Avanti, prego le! Musica! Taa-tata-tattaa! Avanti avanti!

  4. Dearest Laurie!
    Banging Banging

    I have read your beautiful lines designed to conjoure fourth His Ingenoius Seducerer Lord Byron of our day. The Scientists say our Universe started with a Big Bang some 15 billion years ago.

    I wonder who was banging. Must have been some Transfinite Banging.

    Anyway, this is the Ultimate Historical Hspect of your very romantic letter. The beautiful Woman longing for her errant Lord, proudly pointing out she is not a game to be played, nevertheless, as game from the Earth she is destined for Lords ordinarily strolling about on some Higher Level – Oh beautiful earth and beautiful, beautiful woman, how banging is the thought of thee! I wonder when such luck, to land in your soft and pearly white bosom, and gently caress your long and curly hair – would ever be there even for me. At least, with Lord Byron I have to compare, or perhaps the secretary of state, Mr Vilks, who, oh my… already with Lady Megan busy seems to be…

  5. My Beloved, How I will miss your words of love. No one else will read these comments. Call yourself Odin, my God of love.
    Unwrap the six belts of my kimono, I am waiting, waiting for your touch. Make love to me with your words, whisper my name
    in my ear. Touch my silken skin with your calloused hands, let me feel your breath on my cheek, the full leagth of you against me, the fullness of you. Let me cry out your name in exctasy. How will I exist without you. My heart beats with yours, we are one together.
    Keep me in your thoughts always, as you are in mine. This is our destiny, do not deny me. Do not pretend I do not exist.
    Or that I am a game of love. I am not a game, I am flesh and blood, and I long for you.
    Forever yours Laurie

  6. My dearst, My computor is acting up, and I cannot get to my e-mail, I may have to resort to the old fashioned love letter. waiting for your embrace. Laurie

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