Supporting the Tower of the Winds

State secretary Lars Vilks is working this autumn with The Tower of the Winds. As you can see…

it is leaning a bit.

So, in order to make it more solid he is…

adding a new structure.

And here is the evidence that he is up working with the new construction.

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  1. Quinta Essentia!

    In your little dispute you both fail to see how one wooden chessman covers the other, the ‘Vorpostenpunkt’ – ‘avant guarde’ – holding its stand against the ocean.

    Our Secretary of State is a very skilled chess player, and it would be of interest – also for himself to notice – how his unconscious is formed after the best of all gamees – chess.

    The ‘unconscious’ is preferably divided into ‘sub and supra’ – the little self suspended in the middle, between animal urges and higher guidance. Also in chess there is an animal winning urge, and higher symphonic beauty.

  2. Please add a supporting structure to my 8×8 cm loony-bin to protect it from approaching winter storms. It is rather vulnerable on top of the large stone. Maybe a second loony-bin will help – they can hide behind each other.

  3. It sounds good and reassuring with the guarantee. I hope we wont hear about that Ladonia is lighting up bonfires at night to lure ships loaded with planks into peril… Otherwise your reasoning is infallable, of course driftwood can also be new, I stand corrected! I just didn’t think about that. Good luck with the work!

  4. Many things look like something else than they seem to be. But Nimis is built of pure driftwood with driftwood guarantee. Driftwood is
    normally not very old. But it is also a guarantee that the driftwood used will become older day after day.

  5. Hmmm… it doesn’t at all look like driftwood? Where did you steal those planks? It looks good though, I mean that the tower get a supporting tower to stop it from falling. Perhaps an idea for the leaning tower in Pisa? Build a supporting tower… how come they never figured that out? Watch your fingers with the Hammer!

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