The Ladonia Commonwealth

Ladonia is growing to become an empire, though it is still a remony. The latest claim is Hans Island: Hans Island is a small uninhabited barren knoll measuring 1.3 km² (0.5 mi²), located at approximately 80°49′41″N, 66°38′46″W in the centre of the Kennedy Channel of Nares Strait.

hans island.jpg
Hans Island

JamesHans island.JPG
Ladonia claiming Hans Island
(Photo: James Hartman)

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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  1. Have you guys not heard the news? Hans Island is an independent country, the Principality of Tartupaluk. You can view their site at http://www.gov.tu.net

    I am a citizen of the Principality, and your false claims to the island will not hold up to ours.


    The Honorable Michael N. Mazur, MLA
    Legislative Assembly
    Principality of Tartupaluk

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