Another historical day: Ladonia Kelowna

The expansion of Ladonia territory is rapidly going on in Canada. And in a peaceful manner through the advanced diplomacy of our Minister of Art & Jump, Fredrik Axwik. After establishing the colony in Vancouver last week, he was able to appoint another one in Kelowna. This city in British Columbia has two spots being Ladonian: Alternator Gallery of Contemporary Art and a part of Waterfront Park. The governor is Jennifer Pickering.

kelwona jennifer o fredrikLITEN.JPG
Agreement on the new Ladonia colony: Ladonia Kelowna.
The governor Jennifer Pickering confirms the documents with Minister Fredrik.

kelowna city.jpg
View of Kelowna

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  2. Dear Fredrik Axwik,

    When we received your notice of expansion, we in Ladonia were elated.

    There are few minsters that can boast of the success you have achieved over such a relatively short period of time.
    A great deal of that success, in my opinion, must be
    directly attributed to your strong leadership and the
    sense of direction that you provide and in your jump protests worldwide.

    Please accept my congratulations and best wishes for your continued success in North America during your tour.

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