Cabinet crisis

The crisis in Ladonia cabinet. As already reported the vice president Sir Phil stepped down a while ago. And then he returned but only for a short time. Sir Phil left his position once more and definitively. Sir Phil’s tried in vain to calm down the upset in the cabinet as the collaboration between the minister and president Dani didn’t work at all. The minister voted for an act of impeachment against the minister. But the main thing is that the president has not been elected in a constitutional way. President and Vice President made a candidacy together and the president was not having most of the votes but was selected from the team.

That irregularity was accepted by the cabinet but is now withdrawn. President Dani has thus not a legalized position but, as it is difficult to find a immediate solution, he will until further remain president pro forma.

This means that the political leadership in Ladonia must be restored and it is also needed to make some changes in our constitution.

Ladonia in cabinet crisis

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