Cat is the solution

In Ladonia cabinet the discussion concerning sources of clean energy is progressing. One of the best and cheapest solutions is what now is known as Pedro’s Cat. In science there is alreay a wellknown cat, Schrödinger’s cat on the principle of uncertainty.

But Admiral and Minister Pedro’s cat is a point of great certainty and here is the minister’s report:

“If the Amber Stone is big enough, and you rub it against wool or
fleece enough times, you will have an electric generator able to be
connected to a very big Tesla Coil and to wireless power the whole
country and all the electric vehicles and electric devices of that
country without need of any battery.

Once Elektron was more expensive than gold. Emperor Nero sent huges
expeditions to the baltic sea in way to collect Amber/Elektron.
Romans used to inhale smoke from amber because they thought it had
magic properties (Electrostatism).

I think if you caress enough times a cat, you will also be able to
light a bulb with the cat.

Also you should consider to use one microfiber sofa I bought last
year. It accumulates huges amounts of electrostatc electricity and
transfer it to us with violent discharges while watching TV. No
kidding I am able to produce one inch electric arc when trying to
touch my wife or kids. The other day my wife knocket out the
electronic thermostat and had to reprogram it completely. No kidding.
The arc she produced was more that an inch long.

I do not dare to touch the cat while I am seated on the sofa, the
shock might be fatal for him or me.

Perhaps we need to ground the cat in way to save his life.

I am ready to make a donation of the sofa to build a power plant.


Adm. Pedro”

We just need cats! Unexpected solution to the wordl energy problem.

Pedro’s energy cat: You can light a bulb or whatever with it

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