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Election: Our candidates

Remember that when you vote, give two votes! One for president and one for vice president.

Today we present another of the candidates:

Antipresidential candidate Mussu.

Mussu has for a long time been working on questions concerning injustice in society. He is regularely taking parts in demonstrations always against the authorities. The last months he has been active in South Korea.

mussupres cand.jpg
Mussu, candidate

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  1. Healthcare. We must stand up for this as a human right. The USA, for example, says 46000000 there don’t have it. And this is based on US census figures that are flawed and it is probably very much more.

    Sick to death of this. We must stand up to change this. 28 western industial nation make healthcare a right of citizenship. But not the USA which has healthcare for profit. Insane and disgraceful!

    Sir Phil

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