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Election: Phil and Dani

The election for president will continue until the 1st of June. Don’t forget to vote twice when you vote!

Today Sir Phil and Daniel Jimenez are campaigning:

Fellow Ladonians,

The agenda of Dani Jimenez for President and Sir Phil for Vice
President is as follows:

We shall preserve and protect Ladonia and all of its art forms.

We shall protect the Ladonian environment based on The Green Law.

We shall seek diplomatic recognition among the Global Community.

We shall promote universal healthcare in all resident nations.

We shall promote retirement in all resident nations.

We shall promote and advocate civil rights and civil liberties.

We shall work to protect the environment, worldwide.

We shall protect and promote the rights of workers.

We shall endorse Ladonian defense and national security.

We shall work to issue passports that are up to world standards.

We shall have a lively dialogue with all nations.

We shall promote privacy.

Vote for Dani and Sir Phil!

Sir Phil with his magic ring

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