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Ladonians and friends of Nimis now have the opportunity to try a gastronomically sensation. If you happen to live or stay in the south of Sweden you can visit Ängelholm and Pizzaking. There you should try the luxury Nimis pizza made by the Ladonian nobleman Sacha Rajkovic. Go to Pizzaking.

Here is the menu (sorry, in Swedish only):

CHEVRE – Mozzarella, tomat, champinjoner,
getost, parmaskinka, basilika
MILANO – Mozzarella, tomat, pecorino,
gorgonzola, svarta oliver, körsbärstomater, pesto
NAPOLI – Mozzarella, tomat, kapris, sardeller,
svarta oliver, soltorkade tomater, parmezanost
PARMA – Mozzarella, tomat, soltorkade tomater,
gröna och svarta oliver, parmaskinka, basilika
RICOTTA – Mozzarella, tomat, kantareller,
ricotta, svarta oliver, vitlök
PANCETTA – Mozzarella, pancetta, ricotta, vitlök,
sv. peppar
DELLIAMORE – Mozzarella, tomat, fläskfilé, fetaost
körsbärstomater, f. vitlök
LUNA PIZZA – (halvt inbakad) Mozzarella, tomat,
skinka, lök, ricotta, basilika,
RUCOLA – Mozzarella, tomat, körsbärstomater,
fetaost, parmaskinka, rucola, f. vitlök
NIMIS – Mozzarella, tomat, kyckling, ugnsgrillad-
paprika, lök, kronätskocka, bladspenat

Pizzaking Sacha

And the pizza

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  1. And I am quite sure that this man can prepare and cook all types of recipes. Look at how well he makes that pizza… That is real good food. The ingredients are very good.

    What we have among us is a very skilled preparer of food. And as such, I propose that this gentleman be awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Culinary Arts. Look at this earned talent…Amazing.

    Respectfully to the full Cabinet of the Nation of Ladonia on this 27 of March, 2007.


    Sir Phil

  2. My goodness! This man has great culinary expertise! His fine handling of the creations of these dishes is among some of the best news on the planet.


    Sir Phil

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