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Ladonia Ambassador in Mexico

Miguel Natera has been appointed ambassador of the Chiapas area in Mexico. Chiapas is in the very south of Mexico. Ambassador welcomes visitors and he has very much to show tourists in this place. Here is some information about Chiapas:

Country: México.
State: Chiapas.
Language: Spanish
Population: 271,141 INEGI 2000
Area: 93,615 Hectares
Elevation: 170 to 180 meters above sea level.
Currency: Peso.
Telephone Area Code: 962

Tapachula is known as the ‘Pearl of the Soconusco’ and its name means ‘flooded land’ (from the Nahuatl words Tlopacholi: flooded and Atl: water). It is the most important city of South Chiapas.
Its peaceful atmosphere, added to its exuberant vegetation, creates beautiful landscapes that amaze all its visitors.

Climate in Chiapas is predominantly hot and humid, with heavy rains in the summer. Average temperature is 26°C. The climate is slightly different depending on the location: warm in the northeast, warm and humid in the north and center, and very hot and humid in the south, next to the Pacific Ocean.

View from Chiapas, Mexico
Photo: Miguel Natera

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