Ladonia Consulate in France

A new Ladonia Consulate has opened in France, near Poiters (remember the battle in 732).

Map showing the area

The Consulate

consul gordonLIT.JPG
The Consul D. Gordon

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  1. Fellow citizens,
    Please be aware that this photo was taken when I was having one of my rare good days!
    The building (shown) is only a temporary consulate and work is progressing apace on the new location about 4 kilometres away in the village of St Jean de Sauves.
    During construction work, a secret underground room was discovered and may be converted into nuclear-proof bunker. This historic occasion was captured on film and will be submitted to the Sec of State, Lars, for inclusion in the Herald at a later date.
    PS Lars may I please buy a Time bank note of value 5 days?

  2. Prince James of Hartmanburg,

    Charlemagne’s grandfather was Charles Martel in that Caroline Minuscule was used around 732. Later inflused Charlemagne to order this system writing universal. I wonder if the battle inspired the development Caroline Minuscule also…..

  3. As many of you know I’m related to Charlemagne via genealogy.

    It is claimed around 732 that Charlemagne ordered a system of writing called the Caroline Minuscule which for the first time was the first lowercases that were more than just small versions of uppercase letters.

    I wonder if the battle inspired the development?

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