Election 2007


Minister Taru’s assistant Mussu is announcing a new party for the elections in Ladonia:

Since there is a party vote available, Mussu forms his group too. He thus announces that the Coalition for Teddy Animal Liberation is just founded. Unlike formal parties, this is a coalition formed only for a certain purpose and when its mission of liberating all teddy animals is accomplished it will dissolve itself. There is no hierarchy or bureaucracy in the Coalition. Any group of people who carry out actions according to Coalition guidelines has the right to regard themselves as part of the Coalition. As long as action is non-violent, this coalition does not shun direct action for teddy animal liberation.

anti-presidential candidate


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One Comment

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am a new citizen of Ladonia, originally from Italy.
    Years ago I have created a political party called CUP (Cryptozenarchist Universal Party).
    Of course “party” can be intended both as political party and “hey, let’s have a party!”.
    I am not sure I should run for Presidency… but I am available for some Ministry.
    Years ago an official Italian website done by the Government was translated in bad English. This resulted in some funny names attributed to some real authorities. So, the Minister of Internal Affairs (Ministero dell’Interno) became (in a terrible, literal translation) the “Minister of Inside” (!) and the Ministro dell’Ambiente (Minister of Environmental Issues) became the “Minister of Atmosphere”.
    Said that, I propose myself as Minister of Atmosphere and also Minister of Inside for Ladonia.

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