President of Ladonia on visit

The president of Ladonia, Daniel Jiménez visited for the first time his country. With his advisors and bodyguards he came all the way from Madrid. The day was rainy but that did not stop the president.

President Jiménez lunching with his staff

President filming in Ladonia

DSC00664pres o statsekrLIT.JPG
State secretary Lars Vilks and President Daniel Jiménez

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  1. Bad weather is always only temporarely, but I think we should take into consideration building a presidential guesthouse, not only for use by the president, but for all Ladonian nobilities visiting their country.

  2. It is wonderful that our new President Daniel Jiménez is at home in Ladonia to take in all the wonders it has to offer. Just to bad all the blustery weather that has taken hold there. But I’m sure it is still an adventure too behold.

  3. It is enjoyable to see our President taking in the sights at our national center.

    Also, I have been to Kelowna, BC many times and find the Okanagan to be one of the most wonderful and sunny rural locales on earth.

    Vice President Halfhill

  4. Wow! Nice to hear that the President was on visit. I’m sorry I missed the occasion. Well only a little bit sorry actually. Over here in Okanagan Valley (British Columbia) the sun beats down on us from a clear blue sky and the temperature is about 38 degrees Celsius. Luckily the Canadian Kokanee beer is very good and soothing. I hope the weather improves over the next week since I’m planning on coming back over to south Scandinavia… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaallllll

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