Pudding and Minister of Pudding

Ladonia has now covered an important field of knowledge and action. Hardly any government in the world has understood The Importance of Being Pudding. Here is the presentation of our Minister of Pudding:

“My Name is Anders, and I’m a new member of cabinet. My formal title is Minister of Pudding (MoP) however, I’m happy to deal with other quivering substances as well. Related to this position is my post on the board of directors in the Danish society “Royal Danish Pudding Enthusiasts” (Est. 1734*). More info on this society can be found here where a limited English version is available. A few random facts on the society:

We have acquired a increase in members from 0 to 120 in just two years – this corresponds to an increase in members of several thousand percent!! If this curve continues the entire Danish population will be members at the end of 2007.
We have nonexistent support from several known Danish politicians because their “fondness of pudding is very limited”.
We provide recipes for various puddings – most famous is the Jack Daniels pudding (containing between 1 and 2 liters of JackD).
Dr. Oetkers 3-pak pudding constitutes the holy band of pudding, containing the following flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Rum.”

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  1. I applaude the instatement of our new Minister, Mr. Anders. Pudding is a deep subject, and one that appeals to our senses for culinary appetities. This is needed to help us to enhance our tastes for what is engaging and sweet.

    Sir Phil

  2. I must emphasize that The society of Royal Danish Pudding Enthusiasts was not founded in 1734.

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