Stickers improve your health

General Surgeon is at work and is trying to save lives. He has found a cheap and communicative way of handling the problem with smoking. If you want to do something about your smoking: Use stickers! Enjoy them, cut them up, glue them to places of your own choice.

And it is not only a health matter, it is combined with artistic expression. As our Surgeon General explains:

“They are done with watercolor and ink on adhesive-backed paper. Each is a limited series of 9 or 10 stickers in either indigo or bordeaux ink. Each set is printed once in each color ink and each sticker is unique. The messages try to appeal to various reasons people may consider quitting smoking. In one set (“Wrinkled Indigo”) all the stickers combine to form a image of the sun and the earth. Some stickers also have the “Skull and Crossbones” image included.”

Surgeon General.

sticker 3 radLIT.JPG

stickers overkorrLIT.JPG

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