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Them Swedes on the 6th of June

It might be that Ladonia could make peace with Sweden. But it is not easy to handle the Swedish chauvinists. In some way or other they still believe that they are a superpower which they have been – 300 years ago. Anyway, today the Swedes are celebrating their National Day, a rather new idea. Whitsun was wiped out of the Swedish calendar and transferred to the National Day, a day that originally was a rather usual day called The Day of The Swedish Flag. The reason might be economic, it is cheaper with the National Day than Whitsun (that was always on a Monday).

But don’t forget to keep on fighting the Swedes. Today we celebrate in Ladonia but also in Sweden The Day of the Boiled Swedish Flag:

1. Take a Swedish flag (blue and yellow)
2. Boil some water
3. Put one dose of Ladonia Flag Power Powder in the boiling water
4. Put the Swedish flag into the boiling water
5. Let it boil for about 5 minutes.
6. Take up the flag
7. Now you will hold a Ladonian green flag in your hand

State secr Lars Vilks boiling a Swedish flag
Photo: James Hartman

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  1. Now that the fighting Vasa Kings are no longer in charge, I think Sweden can be beaten by peaceful methods. Hail Ladonia! (Flag powder-great idea. Must try on USA flag; long live the (red) Green, (white) Green and (blue) Green.

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