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A few days ago two eyes were to be seen on Nimis, Ladonia’s main attraction. They were painted and in company with some other signs. The painter or painters are unknown.

First eye

Second eye

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  1. I think it doesn’t matter what the artist/s meant. It’s up to the artworld or Statesecretary to proclaim the meaning. In my eyes (pun intended) it’s clearly a version of the staring eye that fishermen paint on their boats to scare off for example evil spirits, sea monsters, attacking enemies and bad luck.

  2. Well, if it’s an evil eye message, a hamsa or the “hand of God” meant to ward off the evil eye, the bearer of bad luck.

    Perhaps it is linked to our Bank of Time Banknote;

    But you’ll have to locate the artist to find out if it’s in fun or a real problem, or part of a new Ladonian Movement. This is interesting.

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