Vice President campaigning Universal Healthcare

It really is true that the USA does not know what they are doing
regarding healthcare.

If you are a billionaire, you can get the best healthcare. If you are
in the majority, working class or poor, you will get very little if any.

Here is the problem: 50,000,000 have no access to healthcare. This
prevents preventive care checkups and tests. Thus 18,000 of these
people die per year.

250,000,000 have private health insurance, but high premium and
deductable costs prevent them from receiving adequate care. This is
complied with a standard proceedure used by the insurance companies:
Denial of care due to preexisting conditions, and denial of care for
catastrophic diseases or emergencies.

The USA spends the most on healthcare and gets the least results. They
rate 37th in healthcare among nations, just above Slovenia.

The probem here is as follows: Rich healthcare and pharmaceutical
companies routinely pay lawmakers in the USA to protect their evil
interests and the members of the US Congress deliver.

As part of my campaign pledge to our citizens, I said that I would
promote Universal Healthcare in our resident nations. I will keep this
pledge. It is so easy for our citizens to pay a tax and be covered
completely, rather than to be abused by private sharks.

Sir Phil Halfhill
Vice President of Ladonia

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