Esperanto Day

The ministry of understandardization is issuing a new
understandard LMU-x about the Ladonian “Esperanto day”. On Esperanto
day, Esperanto is supposed to be spoken in Ladonia, and the special
Esperanto day flag (see attachment) may be flown. It is to take place
the 7-th Saturday before the first full moon that is on a Friday after
summer solstice. Thus, the next Esperanto day is on May, 31st. I am
informing you in advance before the understandard is issued. The next
dates will be:
July, 18th, 2009
January, 1st, 2011 (belonging to 2010)
May, 28th, 2011

Hendrik Lönngren, MU

Today it will be possible to have Esperanto texts translated to Ladonian.

Special flag for the Esperanto Day

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  1. Esperanto has been nominated by eight British MP’s for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008
    They have done this due to Esperanto’s contribution to peace as a living language

  2. Thank god we haven’t got a Klingon day to cope with as well!

    At least Klingon is spoken in outer space however, and no-one on earth speaks Esperanto

  3. Saluton al la civitanoj de Ladonio el malfrada lando Kimrio!

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