Flag and Stone Race

The flag is green with a green cross. Background and the cross have the same colour which is expressed in sRGB: 0, 144, 0 (#x009000). The flag is 13 and 21 units in height and length, the cross arms 3 units. Horizontal parts is 5 : 3 : 13, vertical 5 : 3 : 5. Only fibonaccital has been used.

The Ladonia standard flag standardised by Hendrik Lönngren

Minister of Art & Jump says concerning Ladonia official religion Stone Race:

You are only allowed using a Ladonian rock or boulder located in Ladonia in the first place. Nothing smaller than at least 1,5×1,5 meters.

Only stones from 1,5 meters can be used in Ladonia Stone Race!

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  1. Every nation that wants to be taken for seious has a standardized flag. But of course no one has to conform to the standard. For example, I have seen many non-compliant Swedish flags, and no one really bothered. See also

  2. As it is invisible, does the cross really have to be standardized? It is like standardizing the amount of water in the Atlantic. I mean, regulations without any purpose is a mischief.
    Isn’t it a better idea to let dimensions and position, and even shape, of the cross be free to the individual? It would save a lot of anger and money and lessen the need for the Ladonian execution of authority.

  3. “Fibonaccital” means Fibonacci numbers.

    As is the nature of the Fibonacci numbers, the flag propotion 21:13 is near the Golden Ratio 1.618.

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