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From Ladonia with love. The president of Ladonia congratulates Barack Obama:

“Mr. Obama – or perhaps I should now address you as Mr President (even if you haven’t sworn in)!

Let me be among the first that sends you the best regards for the outcome of the vote and the best wishes for the future. On the behalf of my country and all of our citizens – we sincerely believe that the best man won. And with a landslide!

It was nice to see that the so much discussed Bradley-effect was in effect only in the 80’s and I suppose that your citizens over there in the New World, really made that clear to the rest of the world last night! I just heard of the good news in the morning news over here in Europe. It’s almost unbelievable, but you took the prize! Congratulations!!

To be quite frank, this is the first time in my life a US election has given me hope. And I must confess that I had my fingers crossed for you already from the start. Steps were also taken during your fundraising. I contacted a gallery (P.P.O.W) in New York and let them know that I was willing to help and support their fundraising at October 21:st.

All the best now for good old US of A! It feels as a dawn of a new era, a new future. It’s amazing how much this means (even to me, on the other side of the world) and how many clich├ęs it just starts off… But it sure feels historical.

Good luck on the hangover Mr President, if you broke out the Champagne (or Beer, whatever came first out of the fridge) last night. I hope you woke up to a nice feeling and that you can shoulder the immense task that you now have in front of you. My best wishes for that you will meet and overcome all the challenges in the future and solve any problems. (I’m convinced that you will).

Best of all

/Fredrik Axwik

President of the free State of Ladonia”

The President of Ladonia jumping

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