TOE in Ladonia Cabinet

Ladonia cabinet is often dealing with the really big questions. Minister Daniel Kong suggested today:

“I would like to propose to the Ministry of Future Science to create our own Theory of Everything, extending the scope of the original Theory which intentions are to explain all the known physical phenomena.
Our Theory of Everything would have to to try to explain all the basic questions of our existence, covering physics, metaphysics, protophysics, psychohistory, causality, casuality, zen questions, existential questions, social behavior, logical paradoxes, illogical behavior, non-sequitur, biology, gastronomy, tailoring, murphy’s laws, etc… A true Theory of Everything.

We could begin by throwing questions that are in our mind, and after we compile a fairy good amount of questions, we can order it, classify it, codify it and then formulate a formal theory explaining how or why everything.”

According to Minister Taru:

“The answer is simple: “‘Wof” said a horse.”

minister, MotAR

P.S. A friend of mine dreamed that he found the solution to all the
world’s problems. He was smart enough to rise up and write the
solution before continuing his dreams. In the morning, he found the
above-mentioned sentence in his notebook.”

Unexpected combination

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