Citizens and Guests

New citizens Luis from Spain brings this gift to Ladonia: “As a representative of the KULA FISH followers, I would be glad if you accept this ceremonial collar, made of objects that the Atlantic sea placed in the north Spanish coasts, in order to thank the grant of my citizenship in Ladonia.”


Make yourself a suit with flakes
Develop interdigital membranes
Let yourself grow a dorsal fin

Speak like a fish
Sing like a fish
Dance like a fish

The fish is the way
Follow the way of the fish
Draw a fish on your way

Ceremonial Collar

Staff Reports

Ladonia Herald staff writers are citizens of the Royal Republic of Ladonia who donate their time and expertise to help write and edit the news and contribute photos. All writers and editors are vetted by our editorial committee.

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  2. This is indeed a very beautiful gift to the citizens of Ladonia. Where, o where, can it be admired in its pristine beauty?

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