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Admiral Pedro’s second statement

Here is the second part of Admiral Pedro’s critique of the US system. And that is why he is on his way to become the new president.

“I will be more benevolent and clement and would be ready to accept that anyone found guilty could commit suicide publicly broadcasted in HD TV via satellite and Cable.

There was another punishment I would consider while President of the USA, dedicated for Presidents, VPs, CEOs and High Management staff who have been found guilty on several accusations of corruption, they will be boiled alive in olive oil publicly and all members of his family bla bla bla bla……

The main reason and logic that I follow in including members of the families is the following.

A President of a company like AIG, Lehman Brothers, GM, American Home Mortgage, etc… has absolutely no scrupuls to cause arm and distress not only to his own employees but also the family members of his collapsing company. Let me explain to you.

In July 2007 I had five friends working in the IT/Software department of American Home Mortgage (NY), in one week AHM collapsed letting 7000 persons in the street, without severance nor nothing absolutely nothing. The cause of the Collapse, AHM was top 10 Mortgage financial companies in the USA, and they were lending money they never had, when the companies who lended money to them claimed back the money, they couldn’t repay and declared bankrupcy. In 5 days the company was gone and 7000 persons lost their jobs and were in the street.

Two of my friends have lost their houses, they cannot have a credit card for the next 10 years, because they couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage of their houses. One of them is diabetic with huge problems of health, he couldn’t provide any health coverage to his family, because for a four person family to pay COBRA when you are unemployed cost you 1400 US$$$. Other two friends are having big financial problems, they are actually under a credit management program (which cost them more money) in way to be able to keep their house. The reason is that of course, they did not had enough money (without any severance because their company collapsed), to face the debts they had during the time they were unemployed and of course if you have a family and have no job and have to pay the mortgage of the house and the COBRA health insurance, it is very very hard to pay it with less than the half of what the unemployment is paying you in the US.

Now, there is an association of former AHM employees trying to sue the former President of AHM. The former president lives in a Mansion and has plenty of Million USD$$$ and has retired from business, he is pleading “Mentally Insane” and will be exempted of any charge because he can easely proove that what he did with the company is really INSANE.

If you take the cases of Lehman Brothers, CitiGroup, AIG etc where the systemic risk is a major factor in the financial system, all the Presidents and Managers and Boards of Trustees are GUILTY and should be punished EXTREMELY SEVERELY.

WHY? Simply because of what they did to millions of families (real people), not only in the USA but accross the world, because the effects of their bad policies has caused pain, damage, dispair, arm to many people of the world.

The worst situation is here in the USA, because HUMAN RIGHTS are not respected, because it exists an ECONOMIC DISCRIMINATION against the poors and any person that has a low income or lose it’s job. And my Dear Ministers, this is tolerated, institutionalized and accepted by the population of USA.

Why HUMAN RIGHTS are not respected? why such economic discrimination? Simply because if you are empoverished by the decisions of someone you don’t even know, then your RIGHTs to Health coverage, your rights to have a decent house, your rights to have a decent job, your rights to higher education, your rights to have access to Social Services are NOT warrantied by the Country, nor the State, nor nothing. BUT you are requested to be ready to defend the country against any agression/invation with your own life. What a Paradox!

So my Dear Colleagues, I tell you, the day I will become President of the USA, that day, you will really see a change, because, before all: ETHIC, HUMAN RIGHTS will be respected, there will no be ECONOMIC DISCRIMINATION and the GOD MONEY will be abolished and become part of the past, and the PRIEST of the MONEY GOD will be vaporized in a giant Microwave, of course Broadcasted via HD TV bla bla bla…… and the members of their families bla bla bla bla……

You understand me better now I think.

Three weeks ago, 5 new ex colleagues have lost their jobs, some of them with 3 children. The interesting thing is they were very valuable for the company they were working for, very bright people, but the criteria of reducing costs because the incomes of the company was reduced by 72% in Q2 2009, made the company to have to layoff employees. The official reason given “The bad Economic down turn AND UNFAVORABLE CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE”!!!!

Once again, they created a IMAGINARY WEALTH and now the ones who pay are nice working people with families.

What the Presidents of those Big Corporations, Banks etc are doing is a crime against humanity, comparable to what HITLER, POL POT, LEOPOLD II or STALIN have done in the past.

That is my final statement.

Adm. Pedro
Future President of USA
Movimiento Revolucionario por los Metodos Muy Muy MUY Duros.

P.S. Many people are thinking like me, I am glad to know, more and more people are asking for something used in 1789 in France, la guillotine. Maybe Daton or Robespierre would come back at some point.”

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