Minister of Common Sense

Our new Minister of Common Sense has made this statement about the work in his ministry:

Ministry of Common Sense.

The strengthening of common sense is nowadays more important than ever before. The access to cheap computing power has meant that society is regulated by an increasing number of rules and laws that are becoming increasingly complex.
Do you for example fully understand your pay slip and make sure that you get the right wages?
More and more control systems are created that end up sucking resources from core services. One of the great monsters in this context is the accreditation ogre who sucks a lot of resources from core services without improving quality accordingly.

Even small units can easily end up having so many rules that any reasonably active person inevitably violate them. A significant aspect of this tyranny of rules is that when something goes wrong, it is always possible for the leaders to find a co-worker who has broken a rule. It’s
always possible to place a responsibility, but most often on the
shoulders of an innocent.

The Ministry of Common Sense will work to replace as many rules as possible with common sense.

It will mean:
Better use of resources.
The responsibility will more often be placed where it belongs.
Greater freedom, creativity and joy for the populace.

Knud-Erik Fredfeldt
Minister of Common Sense

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