New Ministers

Matthew Johnson has been appointed Minister of Neutrality and Discontent:

“As Minister of Neutrality and Discontent I would like to ensure that Ladonia is not only Carbon neutral, but also neutral with respect to pH, electrical charge, electromagnetic radiation, mass, momentum, and indeed neutral with respect to all the elements, earth, air, wind and fire, hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron and all the way to the heaviest naturally occurring element, plutonium. I am well aware of the heavy workload that will be associated with such a comprehensive portfolio. In addition to Neutrality I would like authority over Discontent because it is the mysterious driving force that propels us into the future. My Ministry will manage Discontent and direct its creative force towards the betterment of Ladonia.

The motto of the Ministry of Neutrality and Discontent will be ‘nil posse creari de nihilo’ meaning ‘Nothing can be created from nothing’. The motto is taken from the Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius’ book On the Nature of Things (De rerum natura) and is the first known statement of the law of conservation of mass. In addition to this phrase being the basis of Ladonian Neutrality, it also draws attention to the peculiar act of creation itself – nothing can be created from nothing. If not from nothing, what then do we create things from? We create out of discontent.”

Lynne Rosengard has been appointed Minister of Redundancy in the Ministry of Redundancy where he will serve as Minister of Redundancy.


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