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Ladonia Parliament Weekly Report 03/10/2009

Ladonia Parliament is at work again after a rather long break. The new parliament is using the new Water Building in Ladonia as well as its residence in the US. In the first report, Prince George Nelson, Head of the Ladonia Parliament, brings these news:

“Ladonia Parliament in the United States has taken out 2 weeks of ads in a Riverside County Newspaper in a Southern California newspaper in the United States, telling the people of the United States, that the Ladonia Parliament mourns the lost of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, in the United States. We now have 7 members in the Ladonian Parliament. The Ladonian Parliament has voted to back the people of Palestine in there right to have there own nation. We have also voted for the Ladonian Navy to put a blockage on Israel, until they let the people of Palestine get goods by sea.

Sincerely, Prince-George Nelson, Head of the Ladonia Parliament. God Bless Ladonia, and its great people.”

Water Building: Ladonia Parliament

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