Election 2010

New President in Ladonia

The result of the voting in the election for president:

President’s Shoes 25,4 % (President)
Norse Mystery Stone 23,9 % (Vice President)
Interim President Fredrik Axwik 20,8 %
Jeanne-Claude Monster-Nimis 8,1 %
Baron George A. Koeze 7,6 %
Ambassador Rangel Koldanov 7,1 %
Minister Daniel Kong 7,1 %

The new president in Ladonia is thus The President’s Shoes

The New President

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  1. Hail hail to the new King! No! President!

    Vitor Cordeiro
    Fellow Citizen and Paper Weaponry Enthusiast.

  2. The ambassador of Ladonia in Brazil, salutes and congratulates our new
    President, on behalf of all Ladonians living in Brazil

    Dom Paulo de Queiroz e Bezerra , Viscount of Bamboos & Ambassador of Ladonia

  3. Hi mister president !what a shame the prsesident of France where i live now hav’nt the same shoes!

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