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Temporary martial laws

It is my duty, for the protection of the Secretary of State to declare Martial Law and Maintain Martial Law till the International situation has been normalized.


Sec. 1: There is hereby declared a state of martial law in all Ladonian territories inside the Kullaberg Peninsula and wherever they are situated on the third planet from the sun.

Sec. 2: The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall likewise be suspended in the aforesaid area for the duration of the state of Martial Law.

Sec. 3: The purpose of the Martial Law is to prepare our citizens for any physical offense or aggression from any extremist group, sect or religion.

Sec. 4: The Martial Law should be maintained till the Secretary of State Security is not comprised anymore.

Sec. 5: All Ladonia’s Armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Cost Guards, Fire Fighters and Invisible Police) should remain in RED alert for the duration of the Martial Law.

Sec. 6: All Ladonia’s Authorities, Queen, President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Minister and Cabinet, should remain in office.

Sec. 7: The Ladonian Constitution should remain in effect during all the duration of Martial Law.

Sec. 8: All citizens of Ladonia are requested to keep safe and vigilant to any possible threat or aggression.

Done in the 9th day of March in the Year of Ladonia, Two Thousand and Ten.

Admiral Pedro.
Commodore of the Fleet.

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