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About the Ladonia Parliament – and music

Ladonia has had a independant Parliament. Our most beloved Queen Carolyn I has examined the situation and asked some questions which have been answered by Minister and Admiral Pedro – and then commented by the Queen (that is >, >> and >>> in the conversation):

> 1. Election of a new Speaker (obviously moot since there is no longer a parliament)
>> Agree but it is difficult to find a quorum since members of the cabinet are quite anarchic and depending on their mood and errands they participate actively or not.
>>> There is no need for a speaker since there is no longer a Parliament.

> 3. Revitalisation of Ladonia.
>> Could you please explain further?
>>> This was on the old parliament’s agenda. I imagine there was/is a lull in activity and they were trying to find a way to reignite interest?

> 4. New type of a multi-paged passport? Passport’s design?
>> That is ok for me but who will finance the project. Some initiative some time ago had very nice personalized passports.
>>> A passport would be neat; however, I did some research into passports and since Ladonia is not recognized by the International community (because they are a closed, old-boys club who arbitrarily picks and chooses whom they will recognize) I think it could be a federal crime to try to use a Ladonian passport.

That being said, very nice passports, similar to those issued by the EU and “real” countries CAN be made/bought. Production costs vary, but seem to be in the $300-$500 USD range. (I didn’t research it very hard, it might be possible to get that cost down to around $100)… as for financing, the US government charges nearly $200 for passports (and that’s if you don’t get rush service), so charging a “processing fee” wouldn’t be unreasonable or unheard of.

Ultimately though, it goes back to the “if anyone tries to use it like a real passport…” it would be BAD(tm).

> 5. Medals of honor, orders for nobility… The medals and orders should be real.
>> We do have some medals. however virtual, like our country. 2 of them for example, the Order of the sacred hammer and Order of Sacred Hammer with steel nails, there are some pictures in the herald if you do some research.
>>> This was just something on their old agenda, and I was wondering the status.

> 6. Parliament-Cabinet relations. (moot — see comment on #1)>> ok

> 7. Which demands should a country meet to be diplomaticly accepted by Ladonia.
>> TBD

> 8. Promoting Ladonia’s recognition by other countries
>> We have a formal recognition from the Republic of Sealand (I think) and some other countries like Bandaria, Conch Replublic, The United Nations of Atlantica, etc tried to approach us in the past, but their demands were not reasonable and we had to pull out of the bilateral agreements.
>>> Do we want to reach out to any other nations/countries to establish diplomatic relations? I will be in Nevada in November and can schedule a visit to Molossia if we’d like to reach out to them. Also, I’m going to be in Mexico this week, but I’m not sure I want to get involved or communicate with that government at the moment due to their problems with the drug cartels.

> 9. Making Ladoniaboard eye-friendly
>> OK

> 10. Providing easy access to Ladonian parties and organisations from Ladonias homepage on the Internet
>> Agreed.

> 11. What kind of military, if any, does Ladonia need?
> >> We do have a Navy which has bases on the Moon, specifically Tranquility Sea and on other places in undisclosed locations on earth. We do have nucular weapons and won a war against the US, as a result we annexed as part of Ladonia most of the Territories belonging to Spain’s borders from before 1764. We successful won against San Marino a long war and I don’t recall if there was an armistice with Sweden at some point. I believe we are still at war.
> Regarding the Military, We have the Royal Ladonian Coast Guards, The Royal Ladonian Marines and Navy, The Royal Ladonian Arforce, the Royal Ladonian Invisible Police, the Royal Ladonian Fire fighters, The Royal Ladonian Regiment of the Scottish Kamikaze Paratroopers, and we have at our borders and on our coast wooden canons ready to be fired as needed, which caused us a war with the pirates because they wanted to implode Ladonia. Our major military facility is located in the Kulaberg peninsula. We performed some time ago an invasion of the Peninsula and annexed part of it as self protection. Our Navy is a modern navy and we dispose of two aircraft carriers, the Amaconda and the Anazon which are covered with green grass and a 36 holes golf course and my private summer palace. You can do some research on the the herald and could see some of the pictures. Also our army dispose of several divisions of Armored Turtltlanks (please research on the herald) which were developed in our laboratories and are an hybrid of turtle and tank, very fuel efficient. The Navy has also developed a mega Tesla Coil capable of firing electric waves wherever and whenever necessary and causing a huge disruption and confusion on our enemies. There is a special unit under the Command or Commander Norbert Johnson, it took a very important role in saving the Remony from my first Coup D’Etat. Our Air force is very advanced and modern and has beer and pizza capabilities, the Air force is under the supervision of Minister of Finance Mike Armand. Also we dispose of several regiments of pygmy elephants and Minister Lisa developed nano bombs for our arsenal. I was about to forget the Pontifical Swiss Guard with Cheese hats, this is a special unit used for biochemical warfare. But our most feared weapon is intelligence.

>>> This was another relic item on the parliaments agenda, and it seems like the idea has been fully explored/developed.

After all these important issues I suggest that you listen to Walter, our minister of dubious anthems. He recommends “She’s Like the Khumbu”. Listen HERE.

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  1. Dear RiksförestÄndare(?),

    is there any need to renew my passport from 1996?

    Yours Sincerely,
    Niklas Nygren, 96-738

    1. Dear Niklas,

      Not really. To receive a paper passport today is normally restricted to nobilities. The old ones are still accepted and they are also exclusive.

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