Announcement for a ministry

Admiral Pedro is in the Ladonia cabinet asking for a new ministry. If any reader of this message is interested in the proposed position, please leave a comment.

“I think we are missing a very important Ministry within our cabinet.

I was thinking that perhaps, since we are a modern nation, we need to be equal to other nation.

My proposal is to create a new ministry, the Ministry of Corruption. The purpose of the Ministry would be to promote corruption among our politicians, economy and politics. Also an extreme liberalization of markets, deregulation and especially a new form of derivatives.

Let’s say the new way to calculate the derivative formulas would require a sequence as long as the human genome, or if you kindly allow me as big as all the particles of the universe exponent 100. This might present some challenges I know….

As you all know Politick comes from the two Greek words:
Poly meaning “Several” and Tick meaning “blood sucking vermin”.

We need volunteers for the Ministry of Corruption.

Adm. Pedro”

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  1. As a homespun humorist I could have all Ladonia’s cabinet, politicians and all fellow
    barons and other members on nobility in laughing hysterics. I am here to offer an
    escape from reality.

    Jon, a Ladonian Baron

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