Concerning ex-royalties

The question about the future for ex-royalties has been detabed in the Ladonia Cabinet. Admiral Pedro could inform:

“I was wondering if the ex-kings and ex-queens should get a full pension for their gracious services.
In practice their lives wouldn’t change much: they were paid for doing nothing before, and now they would be paid to do even less.

Minister Kong

And are they still entitled to live in the palace?

minister, motAR

No, no pension! They go directly to the Royal shack and they get nothing, but are entitled to a daily ration of fish and chips with a sour beer.

Adm. Pedro”

The food might be better if “Ship to Ladonia” will be able to reach its goal.

Here is a fresh article with state secretary in Ladonia. The article is written in Swedish but there is also a number of fine pictures.

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