From Queen to Pharaoh

Queen Ywonne I Jarl has disappeared. Ladonia government has been working on the issue. The first suggestion came from Minister Pierre who proposed himself as King Nömeresh I Dàg-âlb’år. However, he was not fully aware of the cabinet’s reluctance for approvals in such matters. After two days he stepped down, but it is quite clear that he was king for these two days.

Minister Pedro, a veteran in the cabinet, did not ask for anything. Instead he proclaimed himself as ruler of Ladonia:

I, Admiral Pedro, Commodore in Chief of the Fleet, for the National Security of our Nation and to avoid further chaos and anarchy have self proclaimed myself Ladonia’s Perpetual Pharaoh and Living son of the Sun God Aton!

From now own you should address me as “Your Infinite Supreme Highness” Pedr-Aton the First of Ladonia.
Pedr-Aton Ist of Ladonia

Thus, Ladonia has its first Pharaoh ruling the country together with the President, The President’s Old Shoes. The situation is not clear. The cabinet also accepts the Queen as “The Disappeared Queen” or the abstract idea that “Freedom Rules”.

Minister Taru has brought the former president candidate Mussu to take a stand: “For the National Security of our Nation and to avoid further oppression and tyranny and to bring true anarchy to Ladonia, I temporarily transform myself into Mussu Goldman-Mandela-Kropotkin-Gandhi-Guevara. Raise the flags of freedom in Ladonia! subcomandante Mussu”

Minister Jona wants a magician:” Why not a queen AND a court magician – this way she can never jeopardize royal entertainment.” While former president Kicki gives support to the Pharaoh: “For the National Security of our Nation and to avoid further chaos and anarchy I temporarily transform myself into Horus, the God-Falcon with the divine mission to support Pedr-Aton the First of Ladonia to all-embracing protect Ladonia, the heavens and earth. I think he needs that help!”

Pedr-Aton I of Ladonia with servant princesses

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