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Ladonia has a new queen on our national day

The new Queen of Ladonia, Carolyn I
The new Queen of Ladonia, Carolyn I

WOTAN CITY, Ladonia — Today, 2nd of June, The National Day of Ladonia since 1996, we have the honour of announcing our new Queen. The Cabinet has decided that Carolyn af Strandenskog, Minister of Customizing and Gary, will be the new queen since Queen Ywonne I has disappeared.

In a statement released after the public proclamation was issued, the new Queen said:

“I am honoured to be offered the opportunity to represent and serve the people of Ladonia, and I promise to work for the furtherance of Ladonian ideals and the prosperity of our tiny nation for as long as I am able.” — Queen Carolyn I

Queen Carolyn I is living in USA with her family. She has been the Minister of Customizing and Gary since 2000. A coronation ceremony at Nimis will be planned for later this year.

Not everyone is happy

The election of the Queen Carolyn I has stirred up resistance and following the proclamation there has been made a resistance group:

“We, under the command of Zheng Chenggong, have took a refugee on a nearby island and will defend the overthrown dynasty of Queen Ywonne. Anyone for Queen of Ladonia is welcome to join our navy to conquer Ladonia back to its legitimate rulers.

Queens and Kings rule until they die or pass the throne to their heir and Queen Ywonne has done neither. King Carl XII was not overthrown although he spent more time warring in Poland and Turkey than at home in Sweden. King Richard the Lionheart remained the ruler throughout the time he spent on crusades and in captivity. Just like Robin Hood and his brave men were defending his right to the throne, we are defending the only legal Queen of the Remony!

The League for the Rightful Ruler of Ladonia”

Update: The attempted coup d’etat was voted upon and defeated in the Cabinet. Queen Carolyn will remain queen.

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