New Minister

New Ministry of Doing silly things for their own reason has been accepted by the Ladonia Cabinet. Minister is Nina Martins Hlavaty living in Norway. She presents her ministry with these words:

“The ministry is established to help people wash their brains of the terrible habitual onslaught of rational thought, dreary self-fulfilling expectations and draining habits.
Silly-day will be Thursdays.
There will be contests of silly-poems and stories, the prices will vary, if any at all.
High symbol of this ministry is the gull-feather. You see them overall in Ladonia. Faithful practitioners of the art of silly are asked to hang them in trees.(All feathers are acceptable, but for some mysterious reason only gullfeathers has enough gravity to stay on ground.)

The photo of the Minister of doing silly things for their own reason was taken oct 22 in very flattering light.She is adorned with the silly-symbol of feathers ( non-gullible ones).

Minister Nina Martins Hlavaty

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  1. Woah!
    Hi Nina!

    My name is Nina Martins too :D :D :D
    Unbelievable! I think it’s really cool that we have the same name :D
    So, is your middle name “Martins”?
    My first name is “nina” and my last name is “martins”.

  2. I like gull feathers. I collect the freshest ones every autumn, when they are shed by their hosts, the gulls. But I will have to put them up in trees now, I see!

    1. (Somersaults and giggles! much appreciated comparison.Blows kisses)

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