New Minister: Love and Sustainability

Kenneth Kallin has been appointed Minister of Love
and Sustainability. The Minister presents his ministry:

“The aim with the ministry will be to show how closely love and
sustainability is linked together and to enforce the importance of
doing things with love and passion. I am convinced that a sustainable
society can’t be built if people don’t love and feel passionate about
what they are doing.

We will work with simple manifestations as offering free love in
different forms for instance healing but it could also be free music
or art made with the intention of love. I’m thinking tents or outside
(or maybe inside) preferably in November-December when love is needed
the most.

The ministry will also encourage all sorts of activities which is done
with a sense of love and passion. It is our believe that even things
that at first maybe wouldn’t be recognized as sustainable will be
sustainable if they are nurtured and care for with love.

Love is the only force that can transform the world in to a
sustainable place in the deepest sense of the word. The ministry
doesn’t proclaim any right or wrong way of love but are at the same
time convinced that no activity made with true love will harm any
other living being.

At the ministry we will with few exceptions have Beatles ‘Love is all
we need’ as background music.

I feel that the minister post would give a lot of my activities the
support and legislation it needs to get accepted in a bigger scale.”

Minister Kenneth. He is living in Sweden.

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  1. Welcome and salutations. If you feel an urge to hang feather in the trees (In Ladonia and everywhere) you are showing support to the Ministery of doing silly things for their own reason.
    And they are beautiful too, and for me, a reminder of the kind of love that cannot die.
    Minister Nina

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