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New Political in Ladonia

Ladonia citizen Harry Fitzpatrick, living in England, has announced a new political party:

My Party shall be called the Ladonian communist party

This is what we will do if we win the election

1. give more power to the people of Ladonia

2. Create a equal society

3. develop a citizens forum so that all ladonians can discuss and vote on day to day matters

4. create more online activities for citizens of Ladonia

5. diverse Ladonia’s media outreach with more newspapers and a tv and radio avilable online

6: open diplomacy with more micronations

7. create a stronger military

8. increase care of the nature

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  1. Can I become a member of the Ladonian Communist Party?
    Is it a marxist-leninist party, trotskyst, revisionist or left-communist?
    If it’s m-l I would like to join it

  2. THIS political party seems THE BEST and I shall vote for it.! >:D it seems communism is the best path for MOTHER LADONIA!

  3. The flag with the added white lines are officially accepted as we know that not (yet) everyone inte the world is Ladonian.

    1. So I was right! The Ladonian Flag is for Ladonians and The Flag with the white cross-lines is for the Not-Ladonians. If peopel do not understand a piece of art, then to the piece of art white lines have to be added.

  4. As far as I know the Ladonian Flag is Green whith a Green Cross. The abov flag mus bee false because the Green Cross is added white lines. I do´nt know what that means. May be the comunists want a complete change of Ladonia? I would suggest the editor of Ladonia Herald to be more careful not to let subvergent propaganda undermine our Proud Country and its symbols.

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