Queen Carolyn I in Ladonia

Today was a historical day in Ladonia. Queen Carolyn I visited her country. The president was also present and Fredrik Axwik, Minister of Art & Jump.

Queen Carolyn I

The queen sitting on the throne

Queen Carolyn I, The President A Pair of Shoes, and Minister Fredrik Axwik

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  1. All hail the Queen !!
    May she rule the World and live an eternal life !!

    Heil Ladonia, heil Queen Carolyn I.

  2. Welcome Great Queen and Mr President Sir The Empty Pair of Shues!

    We are very happy that Queen Carolyn and President Sir Empy Shues now have visited our fair Country. As a modern representative of the old House of King Ladon, from the line that took the name von Bock, I hail thee. Nobody escapes Fate – not man nor country, not even Ladonia. In the large scale effeminisation of the global society we have been witnessing the past 100 years, created not by King Ladon, nor by Our Father, but by Our Bankers, who want to submit us to a one world socialist supergovernment (where as few as possible are able to own as much as possible and not in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, but in the name of the People, the ranks of which will however be mere puppets to themselves and destined to various correction camps if not complient and there to be supervised by the UN/NATO world poliece) many things have been changed and many countries have perished. On the bankers’ agenda has been for quite some time the destruction of the four avenues towards our deeper selves, where human will resides. This will awakened brings a religious blissful feeling of ‘flow’. These avenues travel through the lands of the so called higher EQ and also comprise the corner stones of civilization: Religion, Race, Nation, Family. Religion was done with during the “enlightenment” and for good, 1917. Everybody different is concidered such an outcast that everybody concording is supposed to feel bad about himself and not see the difference – except when mainstream ideas are oppsed. Everybody proud of his inherited legacy is a fascist. And – males are brutal thugs, good hardly even for fucking their spouses – as can learnt from the Vagina monologues, lobby-working for lesbian hanky-panky. This is the slick bankers’ Hollywood agenda to break down our will and turn us into pliable subjects of their God-challenging ambitions!

    So Ladonia complied with irony, when I back in those days suggested we have an eternal Queen of the fair sex and a temporal President of the strong sex. You know, there exist in Nature generally two sexes, one of which tends by nature to be a bit agreeable and passive – the one that allows acts to happen – while the other tries and make them happen. Now my irony some 15 years ago has been brought several strides further. Today we can be very proud of our radiant Queen Carolyn I – almost a Holy Mary she seems – while our State Masculinity has been reducad to an empty pair of shues!!!

    And that is the fate of everybody lazy brainwashed person (also ladonian, should such deplorable citizens exist even by us) who thinks that the morning paper and the evening tele is providing all there is to know – ignoring that the world’s news flow is controlled by less than 5 hands and there is also the ADL’s watchhful eye to be considered.

    By the way!! Did you know that people who think themselves ‘intellectual’ are the easiest to brainwash? Only look at an average communist “revolution” (always financed by ‘somebody’). Sound land working people are executed in fury and ‘en masse’, while all kinds of Jean Paul Sartre’s are the ones cheering and waving the flags.

  3. Due honour is herewith rendered to all of you; especially to The President A Pair of Shoes – so astounding powerful!
    K-a W-Hedman, Governor of Ladonia

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